Military Child: Acknowledge the Sacrifice Your Children and Teenagers Have Made this April

Author: TAPS

April is the Month of the Military Child, and while there are many ways to recognize military children during this month — like wearing purple on Purple Up Day, April 15, there are also opportunities to celebrate our surviving children and teenagers at home by acknowledging their sacrifice and connecting them to their military family.

Acknowledging your child or teen’s sacrifice as a military child can provide an opportunity to honor their person who died, but also recognize the grief they faced or continue to face following their person’s death. One of the best things we can do for our children in their grief is to demonstrate that we see their grief and care about them. You might ask them how their life has changed since their loss or how their person’s death has changed them. 

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taps child playing corn hole

taps child playing frisbee

At TAPS, we have seen the benefits of children and teenagers connecting with their military heritage. At our Good Grief Camps, children are paired with Military Mentors to provide the undivided attention of a caring, loving adult throughout the weekend. These Military Mentors also provide a connection to their military family, a connection that is often lost after the death of their military person. If you have active-duty or veteran service members in your life, make time for your children to interact with them. Whether friends or family, have these individuals acknowledge the sacrifice your children have made.

Often, life offers opportunities to connect with our children about their grief and about how their lives have been impacted. The Month of the Military Child is one of those opportunities to honor your person's sacrifice, recognize your children's sacrifice, and help them keep the important connection to their military family.


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