Stories for 2021

Saturday Morning Message: How Do You Relieve Stress?

Navigating our grief journey together and seeing the beauty that surrounds us can refuel us to reach out and connect with others at TAPS.

4/10/2021 - TAPS
Saturday Morning Message: Women Who Have Had Positive Impacts On Our Grief Journey

Is there a female from TAPS or elsewhere in your life that has provided support or been an inspiration to you along your grief journey?

4/3/2021 - TAPS
More Than a Game

Washington Nationals "Families of Valor" program partners with teams4taps to bring hope and healing to TAPS families.

4/1/2021 - Nicole Murray
Up Up and Away! Superheroes and Peer Support

As survivors, we are all superheroes, facing our grief day in and day out. Find your supports and lean in on those who understand.

4/1/2021 - Jennifer Keeling
TAPS Survivor Newsletter April 2021

TAPS events provide support, hope and well being to survivors of all ages. Learn more about our upcoming seminar, virtual events and outdoor expedition.

4/1/2021 - TAPS Media
TAPS Togethers

Event Photos: 2021 TAPS Togethers

3/31/2021 - TAPS Media
Agency Over Agent Orange

A surviving daughter writes about the afflictions from Agent Orange exposure that has impacted so many military veterans including her father.

3/29/2021 - Claire Henline
Saturday Morning Message: How TAPS Has Been Of Support During the Pandemic

Each step of the way our TAPS Family has been there to support us and keep us connected virtually during the pandemic.

3/27/2021 - TAPS
Saturday Morning Message: Our Favorite Memories From TAPS Events

As we begin to slowly emerge from quarantine, many of us may be experiencing a sense of renewal as we venture back into activities and routines.

3/20/2021 - Carol Lane
Video: Coping With Guilt When You're Grieving

Video recording discussion on common ways we can be way too hard on ourselves after a loss, along with tips about how to be kinder to ourselves.

3/16/2021 - TAPS
TAPS Impact Report 2020

TAPS ensures 24/7 emotional support, casework assistance, virtual connection opportunities, and ongoing access to grief and trauma resources.

3/15/2021 - TAPS Impact
Saturday Morning Message: Our Loved Ones' Favorite Musicians or Bands

Often, music can help us express our feelings much easier than through writing or talking.

3/13/2021 - Carol Lane
Saturday Morning Message: Learning About Ourselves After Loss

Read what skills and strengths other survivors have discovered about themselves after their loss.

3/6/2021 - Carol Lane
Videos: A Breath of Fresh Air with TAPS Outdoors - Sowing Seeds

Spring is the season of new beginnings, and we look forward to preparing the ground, planting seeds and growing with you in the journey to blooms.

3/3/2021 - TAPS Media
TAPS Survivor Newsletter March 2021

The TAPS Family is diverse and beautiful. And while we each began our journeys in different ways; our paths have converged at this loving place called TAPS.

3/1/2021 - TAPS Media
Southern Regional Military Survivor Seminar and Good Grief Camp

Event Photos: Survivors come together in person and virtually in Dallas Texas.

2/28/2021 - TAPS Media
Saturday Morning Message: Remembering Our Favorite Vacation Spots

This past year, many of us have been left dreaming of vacations. Survivors share their favorite place that they went with their loved ones.

2/27/2021 - Carol Lane
Our Hearts Are With You - TAPS Natural Disaster Response

To our TAPS Family enduring the added stress of natural disasters in an already stressful time, our hearts are with you. You are not alone.

2/24/2021 - TAPS
Video: Understanding the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program

Video recording discussion on the realities of long term care and caregiving as well as review of federal insurance eligibility and program options for families.

2/23/2021 - TAPS
Saturday Morning Message: Coping With Sudden Grief Emotions

Hear from survivors on how they cope when feelings of grief overcome them, even after a long time has passed since the death of their loved one.

2/20/2021 - Carol Lane
Saturday Morning Message: Cultivating Hobbies and Skills

During this period of quarantine, some have found the additional time to develop new hobbies or skills or have worked hard to enhance old skills.

2/13/2021 - Carol Lane
Video: Wellness Techniques for Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Video recording discussion on powerful tools for reducing the components of debilitating stress for improved health and wellness.

2/9/2021 - TAPS
Saturday Morning Message: Sharing Fond Sports Memories

Many families share traditions of watching or attending sporting events together. Read about special sports memories survivors had with their loved ones.

2/6/2021 - Carol Lane
Restoring Balance Amid Grief and the Pandemic

Learn how Soft Belly Breathing and Shaking and Dancing can help us feel easier in ourselves and make us feel more comfortable connecting with others.

2/1/2021 - James Gordon
TAPS Survivor Newsletter February 2021

The TAPS Family is built on love. It is our foundation, our inspiration, our strength. Let us reflect on love - in all its forms.

2/1/2021 - TAPS Media
Saturday Morning Message: The Positive Impact of Peer Mentoring

Survivors share about the comfort they have received from peer mentors and how meaningful those relationships have been for them.

1/30/2021 - Carol Lane
An Invitation Of Love

To give and receive love is life’s most grand adventure and deepest valley, a painful darkness and a holy sanctuary.

1/29/2021 - Rachel Hunsell
Video: Mindfulness as Your Superpower

Video recording discussion on how mindfulness can help you navigate loss, improve your health, and cultivate compassion for your grieving heart.

1/28/2021 - TAPS
Saturday Morning Message: Sharing Favorite Foods

When friends or loved ones gather, often there is a sharing of food and conversation. Learn some of our survivors' loved ones favorite foods.

1/23/2021 - Carol Lane
National Day of Service at TAPS Headquarters

Event Photos: Volunteers assemble resource kits for TAPS Survivors at TAPS Headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.

1/18/2021 - TAPS Media
Saturday Morning Message: Loved Ones' Items We Keep Close

Thumbies, dog tags, quilts, shirts and bandannas are some of their loved ones' precious items survivors find comfort in wearing.

1/16/2021 - Carol Lane
Video: "Be Strong" and Other Myths of Grief

Video recording discussion on the six myths about grief, why they are still prevalent, and how we can successfully address them.

1/12/2021 - TAPS
Saturday Morning Message: Finding A Sense Of Accomplishment In The New Year

2020 has been a challenging year for so many in so many ways. Survivors look to 2021 with a fresh perspective, full of hope and seeking joy.

1/9/2021 - Carol Lane
The Threshold Season

Find hope in the winter wilderness with an open heart and mind. Be open to what is and what is to come both in the winter and in our grief.

1/8/2021 - Rachel Hunsell
Videos: A Breath of Fresh Air with TAPS Outdoors - Breathing in the New Year

As we transition into a new year, we will forge new paths together in our hearts and set foot on trails we've yet to see. Together, we will explore the wild.

1/6/2021 - TAPS Media
Creating Space and Rediscovering Ourselves in the New Year

As we go into the new year after 2020, perhaps this year we choose to give ourselves the grace of making space to see what our internal voice has to teach us.

1/4/2021 - Erin Jacobson
Finding Hope in 2021

We are stronger together. Don't go it alone. Find encouragement with a TAPS Peer Mentor and keep hope alive in 2021.

1/1/2021 - Audri Beugelsdijk
TAPS Survivor Newsletter January 2021

This has been an incredibly difficult year, but it is a year that has also given us gifts. We recognized that we are a family and we are stronger together.

1/1/2021 - TAPS Media
Video: January Survivor Newsletter Message from Bonnie Carroll

TAPS President and Founder Bonnie Carroll sends a message of warmth and care to all military survivors as we begin the New Year.

1/1/2021 - TAPS Media