Stories for 2021

Saturday Morning Message: Sharing Favorite Foods

When friends or loved ones gather, often there is a sharing of food and conversation. Learn some of our survivors' loved ones favorite foods.

1/23/2021 4:00:00 AM - Carol Lane
National Day of Service at TAPS Headquarters

Event Photos: Volunteers assemble resource kits for TAPS Survivors at TAPS Headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.

1/18/2021 - TAPS Media
Saturday Morning Message: Loved Ones' Items We Keep Close

Thumbies, dog tags, quilts, shirts and bandannas are some of their loved ones' precious items survivors find comfort in wearing.

1/16/2021 - Carol Lane
Video: "Be Strong" and Other Myths of Grief

Video recording discussion on the six myths about grief, why they are still prevalent, and how we can successfully address them.

1/12/2021 - TAPS
Saturday Morning Message: Finding A Sense Of Accomplishment In The New Year

2020 has been a challenging year for so many in so many ways. Survivors look to 2021 with a fresh perspective, full of hope and seeking joy.

1/9/2021 - Carol Lane
The Threshold Season

Find hope in the winter wilderness with an open heart and mind. Be open to what is and what is to come both in the winter and in our grief.

1/8/2021 - Rachel Hunsell
Videos: A Breath of Fresh Air with TAPS Outdoors - Breathing in the New Year

As we transition into a new year, we will forge new paths together in our hearts and set foot on trails we've yet to see. Together, we will explore the wild.

1/6/2021 - TAPS Media
Creating Space and Rediscovering Ourselves in the New Year

As we go into the new year after 2020, perhaps this year we choose to give ourselves the grace of making space to see what our internal voice has to teach us.

1/4/2021 - Erin Jacobson
Video: January Survivor Newsletter Message from Bonnie Carroll

TAPS President and Founder Bonnie Carroll sends a message of warmth and care to all military survivors as we begin the New Year.

1/1/2021 - TAPS Media
Finding Hope in 2021

We are stronger together. Don't go it alone. Find encouragement with a TAPS Peer Mentor and keep hope alive in 2021.

1/1/2021 - Audri Beugelsdijk
TAPS Survivor Newsletter January 2021

This has been an incredibly difficult year, but it is a year that has also given us gifts. We recognized that we are a family and we are stronger together.

1/1/2021 - TAPS Media