Contributions for 2023

Sowing Seeds of Remembrance with Your Own Poppy Field

Surviving mom gives tips and lessons learned to start a wildflower garden as a living tribute to a loved one like she has done for her son Sergeant Donaldson.

6/1/2023 - Joan Donaldson
Video: Memorial Day Message from Bonnie Carroll, TAPS President and Founder

For all of us in the TAPS family, every day is our Memorial Day. As military survivors we are our loved ones living legacies.

5/29/2023 - TAPS Media
Video: Remember the Families of the Fallen this Memorial Day

Memorial Day is for all Americans to remember we enjoy our many freedoms because of a brave few who dedicated their lives to this country.

5/29/2023 - TAPS Media
Montana Parents Retreat

Event Photos: TAPS surviving parents connect with other surviving parents, create lifelong friendships and honor their children in Emigrant, Montana.

5/12/2023 - TAPS Media
Caregiver to Survivor (C2S) Partnership Report 2023

A collaboration of research on the journey of the growing population of bereaved caregivers and suicide survivors.

5/11/2023 - TAPS - Red Cross Military and Veteran Caregiver Network - Elizabeth Dole Foundation
Caregiver to Survivor (C2S) Partnership Executive Summary 2023

Summary of the collaboration of research on the journey of the growing population of bereaved caregivers and suicide survivors.

5/11/2023 - TAPS - Red Cross Military and Veteran Caregiver Network - Elizabeth Dole Foundation
Lest We Forget: teams4taps Brings 2 Families Together to Honor Their Heroes in Scotland

TAPS coordinated to bring Chris and Connor to the game to honor their dads, who were both killed in action in Afghanistan.

5/9/2023 - Kristi Stolzenberg
Poppy Field

A field becomes a sea of poppies, daisies, and bachelor buttons each June as a living tribute to Sergeant Mateo Donaldson from his surviving parents.

5/8/2023 - Joan Donaldson
TAPS Young Adults Disney Experience

Event Photos: TAPS Young Adults promote care, peer connection and personal well-being in Orlando, Florida.

5/7/2023 - TAPS Media
TAPS Survivor Newsletter May 2023

This Memorial Day, and every day, your TAPS family is here for you. We are beside you as you grieve and we stand with you as you honor your hero.

5/2/2023 - TAPS Media
Video: How Nature Helps Us Take Care of Ourselves

Video recording on how nature helps us regulate our central nervous system to cope with grief and loss, trauma, chronic stress, and difficult emotions.

5/2/2023 - Christine Norton
An Etiquette for Grief

Elevate your ability to be a peer supporter in grief, and find the words to express to your support system what you need as you grieve.

5/1/2023 - Crystal Gromer
TAPS Togethers: Carry the Load Relay

Event Photos: The TAPS Family is participating along the five National Relay Routes and Rally Cities and at nearly 30 TAPS Togethers events.

5/1/2023 - TAPS Media
teams4taps NFL Draft Party with Washington Commanders

Event Photos: Survivors participate in the Washington Commanders Draft Party in Washington, D.C.

4/29/2023 - TAPS Media
teams4taps 2022 Replay

TAPS helped surviving families honor their heroes and make incredible memories alongside their favorite athletes and teams.

4/28/2023 - TAPS
teams4taps NFL Draft

Event Photos: The surviving family of MSG Deghand at the 3rd round NFL draft pick for the Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas City.

4/28/2023 - TAPS Media
Video: Modern Loss - A Conversation with Rebecca Soffer

Video recording of how the long arc of loss can be woven into our lives in ways that are practical, creative, comforting, and, finally, hopeful.

4/25/2023 - Rebecca Soffer - Allison Gilbert
The Weight of Traumatic Loss

Trauma expert and Vietnam Veteran, Dr. Charles Figley, shares his views on overcoming primary and secondary trauma.

4/22/2023 - Charles Figley
TAPS Togethers: National Park Fishing Day

Event Photos: Survivors share time in the great outdoors with fellow survivors fly fishing in Marietta, Georgia.

4/22/2023 - TAPS Media
Video: Behind Every Folded Flag is a Family

TAPS is the leading national organization providing compassionate care and survivor support services for the families of America's fallen military heroes.

4/20/2023 - TAPS Media
TAPS Young Adults New England Patriots Experience with teams4taps

Event Photos: Young Adult Survivors connect with peers to focus on well-being and personal development in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

4/18/2023 - TAPS Media
Video: Engaging Empathy in the Workplace - A Guide for Grievers

Video recording of ways to advocate for yourself in the workplace after a brief absence, a long absence, or for the first time following a loss.

4/18/2023 - Rachel Kodanaz
Tennessee Family Campout

Event Photos: TAPS surviving families learn to grieve as a family with new tools for the path ahead in Bolivar, Tennessee.

4/17/2023 - TAPS Media
Windy25 Memorial Fund 5K

Event Photos: TAPS fundraiser at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas to honor the legacy of our courageous heroes and in tribute to the Windy25 flight.

4/15/2023 - TAPS Media
Breaking Away from Loneliness

TAPS offers 10 creative ways to fight feelings of loneliness, seek out the connections that inspire us, that make us better.

4/14/2023 - Emily Munoz
Letting Leisure in After Loss

How do we access joy, pleasure, relaxation, and their sister emotions while carrying pain and grief of losing someone we loved so deeply?

4/11/2023 - Rachel Hunsell
White House Easter Egg Roll

Event Photos: TAPS Families attend the 2023 White House Easter Egg Roll in Washington, D.C. on April 10, 2023.

4/10/2023 - TAPS Media
Klinger’s Korner: Spend Spring Outside

Hundreds of studies conducted around the world revealed spending time in nature has significant benefits to physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

4/7/2023 - Andy McNiel
Military Child: Acknowledge the Sacrifice Your Children and Teenagers Have Made this April

April is the Month of the Military Child. Purple Up Day is April 15. There are also opportunities to celebrate our surviving children and teenagers.

4/4/2023 - TAPS
More Than Trains: A Surviving Sibling’s Story

Parting with loved ones’ belongings and family heirlooms is hard. They are more than just things, but precious memories made and new ones we’ll never realize.

4/3/2023 - Kat Stanley
TAPS Survivor Newsletter April 2023

As we acknowledge Volunteer Appreciation Month in April, we are so grateful to each of you who give back to the survivor community.

4/3/2023 - TAPS Media
Mountain Regional Military Survivor Seminar and Good Grief Camp

Event Photos: Survivors come together both in-person and virtually in fellowship in Denver, Colorado.

4/2/2023 - TAPS Media
teams4taps NBA Trainer Experience

Event Photos: Survivors attend NBA Trainer Experience events with teams4taps.

3/31/2023 - TAPS Media
teams4taps Washington Nationals Salute to Service Opening Day

Event Photos: Survivors attend Washington Nationals Salute to Service Opening Day on March 30 in Washington, D.C. with teams4taps.

3/30/2023 - TAPS Media
Video: Debunking 8 Popular Myths About Grief

Video recording of what the current thinking about grief reveals, helping you better understand and cope with your grief journey.

3/28/2023 - Kenneth Doka
TAPS Magazine Spring 2023

Volume 29, Issue 1

3/24/2023 - TAPS Quarterly Magazine
TAPS Honor Guard Gala

Event Photos: TAPS supporters join together in supporting the families of our fallen military members.

3/22/2023 - TAPS Media
Representative Dean Phillips Meets Military Survivors and TAPS Staff

Event Photos: Representative Dean Phillips was selected for the 2023 Ted Stevens Leadership Award for his commitment to surviving military families.

3/22/2023 - TAPS Media
Video: Admiral Christopher Grady Speaks at the TAPS Honor Guard Gala

12th Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Christopher Grady, U.S. Navy, speaks at the 2023 TAPS Honor Guard Gala on March 22, 2023.

3/22/2023 - TAPS Media
Video: Bonnie Carroll Speaks at the TAPS Honor Guard Gala

TAPS President and Founder, Bonnie Carroll, speaks at the 2023 TAPS Honor Guard Gala on March 22, 2023.

3/22/2023 - TAPS Media
Video: TAPS Honor Guard Gala Highlights

At the Gala, we remember the love of our fallen heroes, celebrate their lives and share the stories of the journey we have with our TAPS family.

3/22/2023 - TAPS Media
Video: Heartbreaking Loss & Hopeful Connections - One Military Surviving Mom's Story

When her son returned from Iraq, Alice thought all was well. Later, her son was diagnosed with cancer linked to toxic exposure from burn pits in Iraq.

3/22/2023 - TAPS Media - Alice Daniel
Video: 2023 TAPS Military Mentor of the Year Award Recipient

This year's recipient, Chief Warrant Officer 4 Carl Gilbert, U.S. Army, was honored for his outstanding support for the children of America's fallen heroes.

3/22/2023 - TAPS Media
Video: 2023 TAPS Senator Ted Stevens Leadership Award Recipient

This year's recipient, Representative Dean Phillips (MN-3), was honored for his legislative efforts on behalf of survivors on Capitol Hill.

3/22/2023 - TAPS Media
Video: TAPS Provides Comfort & Hope

The Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors is the national organization for all those grieving the death of a military or veteran loved one.

3/18/2023 - TAPS Media
TAPS Quick Series - Grief Guide

This guide provides information on mourning styles, relationship factors, types of grief, as well as helpful information on how grief impacts a person.

3/17/2023 - TAPS
TAPS Quick Series - Education Support Services

Understand the type of education options and financial support available exclusively to survivors to help smooth the path to higher education.

3/15/2023 - TAPS
TAPS Impact Report 2022

Whenever and wherever a military member or veteran is lost, TAPS stands ready to provide compassion and critical resources to their grieving survivors.

3/13/2023 - TAPS Impact
Savannah Women's Empowerment Unmarried Partners Retreat

Event Photos: TAPS surviving women create a plan for healing and growth in Savannah, Georgia.

3/10/2023 - TAPS Media
Video: TAPS Testifies at Joint Senate and House of Representatives Committee on Veterans' Affairs

Listen to TAPS Statement for the Record on March 8, 2023 before the Committees On Veterans' Affairs United States Senate and House of Representatives.

3/10/2023 - TAPS Media
TAPS Survivor Newsletter March 2023

This month we honor and lift up surviving women who lean bravely into their grief, share their personal grief journey, and make the world a better place.

3/6/2023 - TAPS Media
Alaska Iditarod Survivor Experience

Event Photos: TAPS Survivors move beyond your comfort zone with the support of others who understand in Anchorage, Alaska.

3/5/2023 - TAPS Media
Finding Inspiration and Purpose After Loss

What inspired you; what continues to motivate you? One survivor shares how TAPS Women inspired her to find purpose after loss.

3/1/2023 - TAPS - Tori Seals
Write On: How Sharing Your Story with TAPS Can Bring Healing to You and Fellow Survivors

Writing can be a path that leads to peace. Writing down how you feel can help you reflect on your loved one’s life and lighten the emotional weight you carry.

3/1/2023 - TAPS
teams4taps Minnesota Timberwolves Tour

Event Photos: The Minnesota Timberwolves welcome the surviving family of US Army Veteran Ryan Schmidt and teams4taps for a pre-game tour.

2/24/2023 - TAPS Media
Tom and Sharon Chisholm Fundraiser

Event Photos: TAPS fundraiser held in Jupiter, Florida by hosts Tom and Sharon Chisholm

2/23/2023 - TAPS Media
Video: Helping Grieving Kids as They Grow

Video recording discussion on ways to help children and teens continue the bonds they have with their loved ones as they get older.

2/21/2023 - Pamela Gabbay
teams4taps NBA All-Star Weekend

Event Photos: Survivors attend the NBA All-Star Weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah with teams4taps.

2/19/2023 - TAPS Media
teams4taps NBA Referee Engagements

Event Photos: Survivors attend NBA Referee Engagement events with teams4taps.

2/16/2023 - TAPS Media
The Love Lives On Act

A surviving spouse shares her remarriage story. The Love Lives On Act would allow surviving spouses to remarry at any age and maintain their benefits.

2/14/2023 - TAPS - Linda Ambard
teams4taps Super Bowl Week

Event Photos: Survivors attend Super Bowl Week events with teams4taps in Glendale, Arizona.

2/12/2023 - TAPS Media
Sedona Women's Empowerment Retreat

Event Photos: TAPS surviving women create a plan for healing and growth in Sedona, Arizona.

2/10/2023 - TAPS Media
Video: What Gives You Hope?

Children grieving the loss of a military loved one at the Southeast Regional Military Survivor Seminar and Good Grief Camp share what brings them hope.

2/8/2023 - TAPS Media
teams4taps Nevada Survivor Experience Presented by the NFL

Event Photos: Survivors attend the Nevada Survivor Experience presented by the NFL in partnership with TAPS Sports and Entertainment.

2/6/2023 - TAPS Media
Southeast Regional Military Survivor Seminar and Good Grief Camp

Event Photos: Survivors come together both in-person and virtually in fellowship in Destin, Florida.

2/5/2023 - TAPS Media
TAPS Survivor Newsletter February 2023

The TAPS Family is built on love. It is our foundation, our inspiration, our strength. In this month where we have a day that is devoted to love, let us reflect on love.

2/3/2023 - TAPS Media
About Love

As we approach this Valentine’s Day, let's reflect on the love in our hearts, both for those here and those lost.

2/1/2023 - Jason Stout
TAPS Care Groups: A Source of Connection, Hope and Healing In Your Local Community

TAPS Care Groups are safe, welcoming spaces in your local area to connect with those who understand grief because they’re experiencing it too.

2/1/2023 - TAPS
Widow’s Tax Now Completely Eliminated

On February 1, 2023, the Widow's Tax is completely eliminated, and future generations of surviving spouses will receive their full survivor benefits.

1/31/2023 - Candace Wheeler
teams4taps Capitals Fore Charity event at Top Golf National Harbor

Event Photos: Survivors attend the Capitals Fore Charity event at Top Golf National Harbor.

1/27/2023 - TAPS Media
Mentoring the Next Generation of Surviving Children

The TAPS Research Team is currently working on a mixed-method study examining how mentoring others creates a lasting impact on one's own life.

1/24/2023 - Ashley Leal - Jacob Brinneman
Video: Art-Making as a Bridge to Understanding Grief

Video recording of interactive discussion and hands-on activity to help support you on your grief journey (no art experience or special supplies needed).

1/17/2023 - Jennifer Baldwin
Faces of TAPS: Surviving Mother Holly Higgins Story

Read about Holly Higgins, surviving mother of U.S. Air Force Daniel James Johnson, remembering her son and her work with Heroes Journey.

1/12/2023 - TAPS - Holly Higgins
TAPS Survivor Newsletter January 2023

In the beginning of the year and when it ends, TAPS is your family where our loved ones are remembered, and where we come for hope and healing.

1/6/2023 - TAPS Media
Grief and Mental Wellbeing in the New Year

Here are 5 tips for taking extra time for self-care and prioritizing your mental health as you recover from loss.

1/4/2023 - Raylene Moore
The Rewards of Mentoring Military Survivors

In honor of National Mentoring Month, several of our mentors have shared their mentoring story.

1/4/2023 - Amber Loveless - Noah Velazquez - Kristin Cook
New Years: A Time for Self-Exploration

This year, consider a New Year’s exploration: What do you need? How, and who, do you want to be? And what’s keeping you from getting there?

1/3/2023 - TAPS