TAPS Programs: A Place of Companionship

Every TAPS program is designed to help you feel companioned as you grieve, supported as you rebuild and united with other survivors as we choose to hope. We gather at seminars or online for practical advice, sharing groups and to connect with others like us. Our young survivors grieve together, play together and learn to laugh again at Good Grief Camp. We come together in our local communities with other survivors at care groups or TAPS Togethers activities. We find opportunities to create healthy habits, seek hope and connect with nature at our Women's Empowerment and Men's Programming events. And, we rediscover traditions and memories through our Sports & Entertainment events. 

Through a wide variety of programming, TAPS helps survivors create rich lives despite loss, knowing we carry our loved ones with us - knowing that Love Lives On. 


Peer mentors

Seminars are inclusive, discussion-based events that include workshops for understanding and processing grief and small-group sharing sessions where you can connect with peers.

survivors sitting in front of computer
Online Community

TAPS online groups and workshops are here for you wherever you are in your grief and wherever you are in the world. It allows easy, meaningful, connections among survivors.

Peer mentors
Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors are survivors 18 months past their loss to serve as a mentor to fellow survivors that experienced a similar loss and looking for support from someone who truly understands.

Survivors embrace
Care Groups

Find a local military family survivor support group near you. Meet with people who understand what you're going through for emotional support and camaraderie.

Student in grad gown hugged by mom
Youth Programs

TAPS Youth Programs provide safe spaces for military children to be supported in their grief while also experiencing fun, adventure, mentorship, and camaraderie.

women together at empowerment retreat
Women's Empowerment

Connect with other surviving women to help comfort you in your grief. Our vibrant, compassionate community is a place of support and inspiration.

surviving men at seminar
Men's Program

Most men need other men to pave the way for them to grieve. Join other surviving men to lean on each other to share the experience, strength and hope.

young adult survivors
Young Adults

This program for 18 to 30-year-old military survivors focuses on 5 Pillars of growth and healing during your grief journey.

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Suicide Loss Support

TAPS provides compassionate care to all survivors of military suicide loss. Our unique approach will help stabilize you and your family and put you on a path toward healing and growth.

survivors at TAPS togethers event
TAPS Togethers

TAPS Togethers are one-day, organized, social events across the country, led by TAPS Staff or a survivor like you, with the goal of expanding our peer support community.

team taps runner

Honor our fallen heroes through running, walking, biking and other events. Participate in one of our organized Team TAPS events throughout the country or host your own.

at national baseball game
Sports & Entertainment

Stars4TAPS and teams4taps connect surviving military families with professional sports programs and the entertainment industry to bring hope and healing while honoring their fallen heroes.

For more information on TAPS Programs, contact us at info@taps.org.