Standing With You

Beyond the emotional exhaustion of grief, there's also the element of having your way of life upended. There are sudden employment decisions, financial planning choices, the grinding stresses of burial and benefit questions, the paperwork that piles up when we avoid it because certain boxes are too difficult to check.

At TAPS, we offer you the absolute best in survivor support, advocacy and casework assistance. As part of the TAPS family, you're connected to the peer professionals who make up the Survivor Care Team, the community counseling resources cultivated by our Community Based Care team and to all of the other resources TAPS provides to ease the way for military survivors.

We choose to walk with you. Whether it's pacing the halls of your home as you talk with a member of the Survivor Care Team by phone, or whether it's down the corridors of Congress, advocating for policy and budget changes, our team is always standing with you and for you.

Learn more about the ways we can help you connect with advocates, subject matter experts, peer professionals, community counseling and our trusted partners.


TAPS Resources

If you’re here because our mission to care for the families of America’s fallen heroes speaks to you as well, we welcome you to connect with us about giving, volunteering, professional engagement or careers.