Contributions for 2024

Growing Up TAPS: Raising Bereaved Children

TAPS Youth Programs can support you and your children through grief with age-appropriate activities and plenty of opportunities to grow as a family.

5/24/2024 - Andy McNiel
teams4taps with the Baltimore Orioles

Event Photos: TAPS Families are part of the Baltimore Orioles Armed Forces Day.

5/18/2024 - TAPS Media
Together We Heal

When we support each other and share in the moments and milestones after loss, we understand that together, we heal.

5/17/2024 - Kristi Stolzenberg - Kari Marine
teams4taps with the Los Angles Angels

Event Photos: TAPS Families meet with the Los Angeles Angels during Military Appreciation Night.

5/15/2024 - TAPS Media
Carry the Load with Team TAPS and TAPS Togethers

Event Photos: TAPS Families meet to honor their heroes nationwide during Carry the Load throughout the month of May.

5/14/2024 - TAPS Media
Grief Recall

A surviving father shares his two different approaches to take when moments in life trigger an emotional grief reminder.

5/7/2024 - Gregory Jacobs
From Losses to Legacies: Surviving Son Carries Father’s Legacy Through VA Career and Lasting Bond with TAPS

Garrett was the first attendee at a TAPS Good Grief Camp, now sharing memories of his dad with pride, not pain, thanks in large part to TAPS.

5/1/2024 - Kristi Stolzenberg
TAPS Survivor Newsletter May 2024

TAPS honors 30 years of a community that comes together to uplift, empower, and honor the memory of our fallen heroes.

5/1/2024 - TAPS Media
Carrying Each Other Through the Load of Grief

TAPS is a proud partner of Carry the Load which honors the sacrifice of military service members and first responders who died in the line of duty.

4/30/2024 - Betty Medlock
Video: Resilience is a Muscle

Video discussion on how we increase our own resilience and help children gain resilience.

4/30/2024 - Anne Brodsky
They Tell Me of You

This Memorial Day and every day, we honor the fallen heroes who served and died protecting our freedoms. Read a surviving father's tribute.

4/28/2024 - Thomas Dolphin
TAPS named TIME101, in partnership with Gillette

TAPS is proud to announce that we have been named the TIME101, in partnership with Gillette. Tune in to the TIME100 Gala on May 12.

4/26/2024 - TAPS
teams4taps at the NFL Draft Pick

Event Photos: Surviving family of U.S. Army Sergeant Zachary Ewing, announce the Vikings first round draft pick in Detroit, Michigan.

4/25/2024 - TAPS Media
teams4taps at Washington Nationals Salute to Service

Event Photos: TAPS families attend the Washington Nationals Salute to Service game with teams4taps in Washington, D.C.

4/23/2024 - TAPS Media
A Mother’s Love

Meet two surviving mothers in the TAPS Family. These mothers share the heartbreaking goal of ensuring the world remembers their sons.

4/21/2024 - Kristi Stolzenberg - Maria Gonzales - Pamela Wanga
Video: Reimagining and Tapping into the Power of Ritual

Video discussion on creating personalized, creative, and meaningful rituals to honor our special loved one.

4/16/2024 - Heather Servaty-Seib
teams4taps at the Charlotte Hornets Trainer Experience

Event Photos: TAPS families attend the Charlotte Hornets Trainer Experience in Charlotte, North Carolina.

4/5/2024 - TAPS Media
You’re Not Crazy — You’re Grieving — Part Three

This is part three of a six-part article series to serve as a reminder that crazy is normal when grieving. It is adapted from Dr. Wolfelt's new book.

4/4/2024 - Alan Wolfelt
TAPS Survivor Newsletter April 2024

Understand the roles of learning and self-discovery in your healing and learn the many new opportunities to connect with fellow survivors this year at TAPS.

4/1/2024 - TAPS Media
White House Easter Egg Roll

Event Photos: TAPS Families attend the 144th White House Easter Egg Roll in Washington, D.C.

4/1/2024 - TAPS Media
teams4taps with the Kansas City Royals

Event Photos: Kansas City Royals host surviving families at Kauffman Stadium.

3/30/2024 - TAPS Media
He is in the Wind

On National Vietnam War Veterans Day, we honor the military who served in the Vietnam War, many of whom didn't receive a proper welcome home.

3/29/2024 - Matt Davison
Healing Is In Session

After loss, our brains struggle to make sense of where we are and where we’re going. We must learn again where we need to go and create a new path.

3/26/2024 - Emily Munoz
Video: Managing Stress While Grieving

Video discussion on how stress impacts our physical and mental health and ideas for managing stress while grieving.

3/26/2024 - Andy McNiel
TAPS Magazine Spring 2024

Volume 30, Issue 1

3/22/2024 - TAPS Quarterly Magazine
The Legacy Lives On

TAPS is proud to award Deputy Director, Government and Legislative Affairs Ashlynne Haycock-Lohmann with the Senator Ted Stevens Leadership Award.

3/20/2024 - Kristi Stolzenberg
Video: TAPS 30 Year Anniversary

We are so proud to have spent the past three decades standing shoulder to shoulder with the families of America's Fallen Heroes.

3/20/2024 - TAPS Media
Video: Legacies Live On

Listen to military survivors who have grown up with TAPS by their side as children. They are the next generation of TAPS.

3/20/2024 - TAPS Media
TAPS Honor Guard Gala

Event Photos: TAPS supporters join together in supporting the families of our fallen military members.

3/20/2024 - TAPS Media
TAPS Impact Report 2023

The 2023 TAPS Impact Report is a tribute to the enduring spirit of our community in supporting one another on this journey of healing and remembrance.

3/19/2024 - TAPS Impact
teams4taps at the Boston Celtics Referee Experience

Event Photos: TAPS families attend the Boston Celtics Referee Experience in Boston, Massachusetts.

3/18/2024 - TAPS Media
teams4taps at the Wrexham Experience

Event Photos: TAPS families attend the Wrexham Experience in Wrexham, Wales.

3/15/2024 - TAPS Media
Veterans Affairs Secretary and Under Secretary for Benefits Visit TAPS Headquarters

Event Photos: VA Secretary Denis McDonough and the VA Under Secretary for Benefits, Josh Jacobs visit TAPS Headquarters

3/14/2024 - TAPS Media
TAPS Testimony by Rebecca Harrison Mullaney before the Senate and House Committees on Veterans Affairs

Event Photos: TAPS Testimony by Rebecca Harrison Mullaney before the Senate and House Committees on Veterans Affairs

3/13/2024 - TAPS Media
teams4taps with the New York Mets

Event Photos: TAPS families attend a training event with the New York Mets.

3/10/2024 - TAPS Media
TAPS Togethers

Event Photos: 2024 TAPS Togethers

3/5/2024 - TAPS Media
TAPS Survivor Newsletter March 2024

Honoring the lives of our fallen loved ones is an important part of the TAPS mission. Get inspiration and share your story honoring your loved one.

3/4/2024 - TAPS Media
teams4taps and the Scotland Experience

Event Photos: TAPS escorts families on the Scotland Experience with the Glasgow Rangers.

3/3/2024 - TAPS Media
Alaska Iditarod Survivor Experience

Event Photos: TAPS Survivors move beyond your comfort zone with the support of others who understand in Anchorage, Alaska.

3/3/2024 - TAPS Media
Honor to Serve

A surviving sister continues her brother's legacy of service as she honors him through her "Flag Boxes for Fallen Heroes" Eagle Scout project.

3/1/2024 - Kristi Stolzenberg
Tom and Sharon Chisholm Fundraiser

Event Photos: TAPS fundraiser held in Jupiter, Florida by hosts Tom and Sharon Chisholm

2/22/2024 - TAPS Media
Video: The Promise of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies in Alleviating Depression, Trauma, and Grief

Video discussion on the use of psychedelics to alleviate mental health issues relevant to the needs of the veteran community.

2/20/2024 - Greg Fonzo
Healing on the Line

Surviving father and TAPS Peer Mentor shares his journey in healing from loss and the positive experience of fly fishing at a TAPS Outdoors retreat.

2/15/2024 - Larry Mace
teams4taps at Topgolf National Harbor with the Washington Capitals

Event Photos: TAPS families attend the Caps for Charity at Topgolf National Harbor with players from the Washington Capitals.

2/15/2024 - TAPS Media
Video: Honoring Love and Embracing Transformation

Video discussion on how we can honor our love for those who have died and embrace the changes their death has brought to our lives.

2/12/2024 - Andy McNiel
teams4taps and the Charlotte Hornets

Event Photos: TAPS families attend the Charlotte Hornets basketball game in Charlotte, North Carolina.

2/10/2024 - TAPS Media
TAPS Survivor Newsletter February 2024

February newsletter includes part 2 of Dr. Wolfelt's "You’re Not Crazy — You’re Grieving" series, Learn more about your emotions in grief.

2/5/2024 - TAPS Media
teams4taps NFL Pro Bowl Experience

Event Photos: The National Football League hosted TAPS Families at NFL Practice/Skills showdown, Disney World, and the 2024 NFL Pro Bowl Games.

2/5/2024 - TAPS Media
stars4taps with the CBS Morning Show

Event Photos: Families with stars4taps visit the office of the CBS Morning Show via Paramount Video Network.

1/29/2024 - TAPS Media
Aconcagua Expedition

Event Photos: TAPS survivors climb the highest mountain outside of the Himalayas, Aconcagua.

1/25/2024 - TAPS Media
Video: Layers of Loss and Glimmers of Gratitude

Video discussion on the gain/loss framework and suggestions on using this framework to conceptualize death and dying-related experiences.

1/23/2024 - Heather Servaty-Seib
teams4taps and the NHL Referee Experience with the Nashville Predators

Event Photos: TAPS families at the NHL Referee Experience with the Nashville Predators in Nashville, Tennessee.

1/22/2024 - TAPS Media
Leaving a Mark on History

U.S. Air Force Veteran shares the incredible story of a World War II veteran, and one of the many Marines who took part in the invasion of Iwo Jima.

1/19/2024 - Matt Davison
Video: Transformative Mentoring: Promoting Growth and Healing through Restorative Relationships

Watch this webinar video discussion on modeling healthy grief while companioning children of military loss, providing patterns for future growth and healing.

1/16/2024 - Karl Hillway
Grief Is.

Surviving battle buddy shares how grief impacts every part of our life, that grief is a natural, powerful human emotion purely driven by love.

1/12/2024 - Augusto Cespedes
teams4taps and Josh Richardson and the Miami Heat

Event Photos: TAPS families meet with Josh Richardson and the Miami Heat in Miami, Florida.

1/12/2024 - TAPS Media
TAPS Survivor Newsletter January 2024

No matter where you are on your journey with grief as we begin a new year, we hope the stories in this newsletter fills your heart with the hope of healing.

1/2/2024 - TAPS Media
Living Legacies, Meaningful Healing

Military survivors share how they actively honor and remember their loved ones, through writing, hiking, scholarship, and running.

1/1/2024 - Noriko Stern - Dianne Layfield - Katie Davis