Contributions for 2024

Honor to Serve

A surviving sister continues her brother's legacy of service as she honors him through her "Flag Boxes for Fallen Heroes" Eagle Scout project.

3/1/2024 - Kristi Stolzenberg
Video: The Promise of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies in Alleviating Depression, Trauma, and Grief

Video discussion on the use of psychedelics to alleviate mental health issues relevant to the needs of the veteran community.

2/20/2024 - Greg Fonzo
Healing on the Line

Surviving father and TAPS Peer Mentor shares his journey in healing from loss and the positive experience of fly fishing at a TAPS Outdoors retreat.

2/15/2024 - Larry Mace
teams4taps at Topgolf National Harbor with the Washington Capitals

Event Photos: TAPS families attend the Caps for Charity at Topgolf National Harbor with players from the Washington Capitals.

2/15/2024 - TAPS Media
Video: Honoring Love and Embracing Transformation

Video discussion on how we can honor our love for those who have died and embrace the changes their death has brought to our lives.

2/12/2024 - Andy McNiel
teams4taps and the Charlotte Hornets

Event Photos: TAPS families attend the Charlotte Hornets basketball game in Charlotte, North Carolina.

2/10/2024 - TAPS Media
TAPS Survivor Newsletter February 2024

February newsletter includes part 2 of Dr. Wolfelt's "You’re Not Crazy — You’re Grieving" series, Learn more about your emotions in grief.

2/5/2024 - TAPS Media
teams4taps NFL Pro Bowl Experience

Event Photos: The National Football League hosted TAPS Families at NFL Practice/Skills showdown, Disney World, and the 2024 NFL Pro Bowl Games.

2/5/2024 - TAPS Media
stars4taps with the CBS Morning Show

Event Photos: Families with stars4taps visit the office of the CBS Morning Show via Paramount Video Network.

1/29/2024 - TAPS Media
Aconcagua Expedition

Event Photos: TAPS survivors climb the highest mountain outside of the Himalayas, Aconcagua.

1/25/2024 - TAPS Media
Video: Layers of Loss and Glimmers of Gratitude

Video discussion on the gain/loss framework and suggestions on using this framework to conceptualize death and dying-related experiences.

1/23/2024 - Heather Servaty-Seib
teams4taps and the NHL Referee Experience with the Nashville Predators

Event Photos: TAPS families at the NHL Referee Experience with the Nashville Predators in Nashville, Tennessee.

1/22/2024 - TAPS Media
Leaving a Mark on History

U.S. Air Force Veteran shares the incredible story of a World War II veteran, and one of the many Marines who took part in the invasion of Iwo Jima.

1/19/2024 - Matt Davison
Video: Transformative Mentoring: Promoting Growth and Healing through Restorative Relationships

Watch this webinar video discussion on modeling healthy grief while companioning children of military loss, providing patterns for future growth and healing.

1/16/2024 - Karl Hillway
Grief Is.

Surviving battle buddy shares how grief impacts every part of our life, that grief is a natural, powerful human emotion purely driven by love.

1/12/2024 - Augusto Cespedes
teams4taps and Josh Richardson and the Miami Heat

Event Photos: TAPS families meet with Josh Richardson and the Miami Heat in Miami, Florida.

1/12/2024 - TAPS Media
TAPS Survivor Newsletter January 2024

No matter where you are on your journey with grief as we begin a new year, we hope the stories in this newsletter fills your heart with the hope of healing.

1/2/2024 - TAPS Media
Living Legacies, Meaningful Healing

Military survivors share how they actively honor and remember their loved ones, through writing, hiking, scholarship, and running.

1/1/2024 - Noriko Stern - Dianne Layfield - Katie Davis