Contributions for 2022

New Year's Remembering the Love

You don’t necessarily get over it, you get through it. You carry this experience forward into a new year. You do not enter into this uncharted territory alone.

12/31/2022 - Ellen Andrews
Thank You for Supporting Our Mission in 2022

We wanted to share just a few of the hundreds of events hosted for TAPS by our TAPS Families This year.

12/26/2022 - TAPS
Finding My Winter Wellness

Having moments of mindfulness, caring for oneself, being grateful, allowing things to just be even for a moment at a time can have lasting impacts.

12/21/2022 - Rayanne Hunter
Video: Holiday Message from Bonnie Carroll to TAPS Survivors

This holiday season, we remember your loved one and hold you close in our heart. Your TAPS Family gets it, who understands that these are difficult days.

12/20/2022 - Bonnie Carroll
Faces of TAPS: Surviving Spouse Leslie Jackson Vallade’s Story

Read about what Leslie Jackson Vallade, surviving spouse of U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Devin Scott Vallade, Sr., has learned on her grief journey.

12/19/2022 - TAPS - Leslie Jackson Vallade
Healing Your Holiday Grief

You can find continued meaning in the holidays and in life. You can continue to live and love fully. You must grieve but you can also celebrate.

12/16/2022 - Alan Wolfelt
Holiday Tribute Trees: A Powerful Way to Remember and Honor our Military Loved Ones

We’ve been inspired to see TAPS families navigating the holiday season by creating Holiday Tribute Trees in memory of their military loved ones.

12/16/2022 - TAPS
From Grief to Giving Back: A TAPS Helpline Associate Shares Her Journey

In her role as a Helpline Associate, Vanessa takes from her experience to provide fellow survivors comfort, support, resources, and an understanding listener.

12/15/2022 - Kristi Stolzenberg - Vanessa Hanna-Verrett
Men Share Their Holiday Grief Journeys With TAPS

Our TAPS Men’s Program participants can attest that the stoicism can be pulled off for a time, but keeping it up as the days march on takes a toll.

12/13/2022 - Rich Cliff - Jon Ganues - Matt Daud
"Sweet" Holiday Memories

Surviving daughter shares her Christmas Cracker Candy recipe which reminds her of special memories growing up in a military community.

12/9/2022 - Kelly McHugh-Stewart
Video: Brett Jones Teaches Music as a Healing Tool to Children of the Fallen

Songwriter and Producer knows what it's like to lose a military family member, and, today, helps kids who, like him, have lost a loved one to military service.

12/9/2022 - TAPS Media
Faces of TAPS: Surviving Spouse Sheri Lipscomb’s Story

Read about Sheri Lipscomb's, surviving spouse of U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Ricardo Lipscomb, experience at a Salute to Service event and more.

12/6/2022 - TAPS - Sheri Lipscomb
TAPS Survivor Newsletter December 2022

TAPS is your home for the holidays, your soft landing and safe space created to help you remember the love, celebrate the life, and share the journey together.

12/6/2022 - TAPS Media
Klinger’s Korner: Kids, Grief, and the Holidays

Get tips to help our children and teenagers traverse the holiday celebrations while also reconciling their feelings of grief.

12/5/2022 - Andy McNiel
Re-Creating Holiday Traditions

Consider these ideas for reducing stress and easing the pain of grieving a loved one this holiday season.

11/28/2022 - Tina Barrett
Video: Thanksgiving Message from Bonnie Carroll

Thanksgiving can be a challenging time for those who have an empty seat at their table. Your TAPS Family is here for you and you are not alone.

11/24/2022 - Bonnie Carroll
TAPS Magazine Winter 2022

Volume 28, Issue 4

11/23/2022 - TAPS Quarterly Magazine
Western Regional Military Survivor Seminar and Good Grief Camp

Event Photos: Survivors come together both in-person and online in fellowship in Long Beach, California.

11/20/2022 - TAPS Media
Video: Loss and Loneliness at the Holidays - Finding a New Narrative

Video discussion on practical strategies for choosing our own traditions which may mean exploring limiting beliefs about what life "should" look like.

11/16/2022 - Erin Jacobson - Emily Munoz
International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day

International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day is on Saturday, November 19, 2022 and is intended to be a day of healing throughout the world.

11/14/2022 - Carla Stumpf Patton
Veterans Day Message from a Gold Star Son

This Veterans Day, we thank Nathaniel and all those within the TAPS community who have and are currently serving in the United States Military.

11/11/2022 - Nathaniel Lee
Five Years into the After: A Letter to Owen

Surviving sister remembers and honors her brother in this loving letter to her brother.

11/10/2022 - Kelly Lennon Fitzpatrick
Video: Grieving Families and the Holidays: Cherished Memories, New Traditions

Video discussion on the ways to remember your loved one, enjoy family traditions, acknowledge your loss and take care of yourselves this holiday season.

11/9/2022 - Andy McNiel
TAPS Survivor Newsletter November 2022

TAPS is our family, a safe space where we honor our loved ones and remember lives lived in selfless service to America.

11/9/2022 - TAPS Media
Video: Rangers Football Club Honors Families of the Fallen

Surviving families were honored and recognized during the Rangers Football Club Remembrance Day fixture at Ibrox Stadium.

11/9/2022 - TAPS Media
Klinger’s Korner: Model & Teach Healthy Coping

One of the ways we can help our children after loss is to give them tools to cope with the thoughts and emotions that accompany grief.

11/7/2022 - Andy McNiel
Sedona Women's Empowerment Retreat

Event Photos: TAPS surviving women create a plan for healing and growth in Sedona, Arizona.

11/4/2022 - TAPS Media
TAPS Sports & Entertainment: A Letter of Thanks

Surviving father shares how the NFL Salute to Service and teams4taps helped bring a smile on his surviving son's face.

11/2/2022 - Sam Norman
Children’s Grief Awareness Month: TAPS Support and Resources

November is Children's Grief Awareness Month. TAPS recognizes this important time of year in support of our bereaved children, teenagers, and families.

11/1/2022 - Andy McNiel
The Mask of Being OK

Grief is a journey without a book of instructions. We start our journey alone and scared. We put on 'masks' as a way to preserve and protect our hearts.

10/31/2022 - Sammi Hester
TAPS Togethers: National Park Fishing Days, Tidal Basin, National Mall

Event Photos: Survivors share time in the great outdoors with fellow survivors fly fishing at Tidal Basin, National Mall, Washington, D.C.

10/29/2022 - TAPS Media
Survivors Share about the Impact of the Women’s Empowerment Programming

In 2021, Women's Empowerment welcomed more first-time attendees than any other TAPS Program, with 2,231 women attending nearly 160 online events.

10/28/2022 - TAPS
Learning, Growing, and Healing Through Peer Mentoring

Supporting others with loss can help create meaning from a loved one's death. Read how becoming a peer mentor helped a surviving spouse heal.

10/27/2022 - Audri Beugelsdijk
Faces of TAPS: Surviving Spouse Shelley Keas’s Story

Read about Shelley Keas, Team TAPS participant and surviving spouse of U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Jeff Keas.

10/26/2022 - TAPS - Shelley Keas
When Small Talk is a Big Issue

It’s repeated comments like, “I’m fine” and “One day at a time” that wear us down in our daily lives and drain on our emotional reserves when grieving.

10/22/2022 - Emily Munoz
PACT Act Signed into Law!

TAPS was proud to have surviving families of toxic exposure in attendance at the White House to witness President Joe Biden sign the PACT Act into law.

10/18/2022 - Candace Wheeler
Military Survivors of Suicide Loss Build Community at the TAPS National Military Suicide Survivor Seminar and Good Grief Camp

At TAPS seminars, the TAPS peer-to-peer model and the healing power of connecting with someone who has walked in their shoes is displayed in full force.

10/18/2022 - TAPS
TAPS Togethers: National Park Fishing Days, Chesapeake & Ohio Canal

Event Photos: Survivors share time in the great outdoors with fellow survivors fly fishing in Fletcher's Cove, Chesapeake & Ohio Canals, Washington, D.C.

10/15/2022 - TAPS Media
Are You Ready To Rumble... With TAPS and Dare to Lead™?

The Dare to Lead™ program is a courage-building program based on the most significant findings from Dr. Brené Brown’s latest research.

10/14/2022 - Terri Williams
Fishing and Fresh Air Leads to Fresh Perspectives

TAPS partnership with the National Park Trust and Trout Unlimited helps create connections and coping skills close to home for surviving families.

10/13/2022 - TAPS
Understanding Your Grief Ten Touchstones for Finding Hope and Healing Your Heart, Part 4

In this wilderness of your grief, the touchstones are your trail markers. They are the signs that let you know you are on the right path.

10/11/2022 - Alan Wolfelt
TAPS Survivor Newsletter October 2022

October marks 28 years that TAPS has been coming alongside grieving military families, and our passion and mission remain more steadfast than ever.

10/11/2022 - TAPS Media
Video: U.S. Army Captain Flo Groberg Provides Words of Wisdom, Hope to TAPS Military Suicide Loss Survivors

Medal of Honor Recipient spoke to surviving military families at the TAPS 14th Annual National Military Suicide Survivor Seminar and Good Grief Camp.

10/11/2022 - TAPS Media
Video: TAPS Friendsgiving

This November, we will tell the stories of those who left empty seats at the table, and we will create new memories with others who understand.

10/11/2022 - TAPS Media
TAPS Friendsgiving

This November, join with fellow survivors to acknowledge the bittersweet nature of the holidays and the emotions that can come along with them.

10/10/2022 - TAPS
National Military Suicide Survivor Seminar and Camp

Event Photos, Adult and Youth Survivors come together in fellowship in Dallas, Texas.

10/10/2022 - TAPS Media
Healing After a Suicide Loss

For those who are grieving a loved one who died by suicide, TAPS is here to support you. TAPS created the valuable guidebook to help.

10/7/2022 - Carla Stumpf Patton
TAPS Magazine Fall 2022

Volume 28, Issue 3

10/7/2022 - TAPS Quarterly Magazine
Video: Words Matter. How We Talk About Suicide Matters.

Using safe messaging when we talk and post about suicide makes a world of difference, reinforces hope, and ultimately, saves lives.

10/6/2022 - TAPS Media
Baseball Cards and Godwinks: Terri Jones' Story

Read about a surviving mother mysterious collection of baseball cards found in her yard years after losing her son, U.S. Army SPC Jason Cooper.

10/5/2022 - Kelly McHugh-Stewart
Video: Understanding the Healing Powers of Recreation, Leisure, and Play

Video discussion on the important roles that recreation, leisure, and play have in helping to heal the wounds of grief.

10/4/2022 - Rachel Hunsell
Hershel Woodrow "Woody" Williams

Medal of Honor Recipient Hershel "Woody" Williams was a Marine whose uncommon valor was equaled by his uncommon kindness.

10/2/2022 - TAPS
October is Emotional Wellness Month

Build internal capacity to deal with life's challenges and changes so during times of distress we can better cope, engage with life, and find purpose.

10/1/2022 - TAPS
Our Hearts Are With You - TAPS Natural Disaster Response

To our TAPS Family enduring the added stress of natural disasters in an already stressful time, our hearts are with you. You are not alone.

9/27/2022 - TAPS
Faces of TAPS: Surviving Sister Ideliz Mora-Cruz’s Story

Read about Ideliz Mora-Cruz, surviving sister of U.S. Army SGT Geraldo Andre Mora Cruz and TAPS Survivor Care Team associate.

9/27/2022 - TAPS - Ideliz Mora-Cruz
Video: Suicide Prevention Public Service Announcement

As a suicide loss survivor, what does suicide prevention mean to you?⁣ ⁣ We asked TAPS survivors of suicide loss this question and their answers were full of hope.⁣ ⁣

9/27/2022 - TAPS Media
Women’s Empowerment Summit

Event Photos: TAPS surviving women create a plan for healing and growth in Maumee, Ohio.

9/23/2022 - TAPS Media
TAPS Families Visit Capitol Hill During Gold Star Families Remembrance Week

TAPS families had the chance visit with the Congressional leadership that supported the resolution for Gold Star Families Remembrance Week.

9/22/2022 - TAPS
Video: Choosing Wellness

Video discussion on how to practice self-leadership, form habits that serve us, and practice extreme self-care, no matter your circumstances.

9/20/2022 - Eileen O'Grady
Video: Suicide Awareness and Prevention - A Conversation with Bereaved Survivors

Video discussion on the critical connection between postvention and what suicide prevention means now after personal loss.

9/14/2022 - Carla Stumpf Patton
Please Say Their Name: The Importance of Honoring and Remembering

What are some things that you do to honor and remember your person or people who have died?

9/13/2022 - Pamela Gabbay
Faces of TAPS: Surviving Father Matt Daud’s Story

Read about Matt Daud, surviving father of U.S. Marine CPL Christopher Daud, retired airline pilot, TAPS Peer Mentor & TAPS Survivor Care Team associate.

9/13/2022 - TAPS - Matt Daud
TAPS Survivor Newsletter September 2022

This month, America recognizes Gold Star Families and TAPS offers resources available in suicide prevention or those seeking help from suicide.

9/12/2022 - TAPS Media
TAPS Colorado Celebrity Classic

Event Photos: Fundraiser with world-class entertainment featuring Frank Meyers, Anthony Smith, Wynn Varble, Brice Long, Jimmy Nichols.

9/10/2022 - TAPS Media
TAPS National Military Survivor Seminar & Good Grief Camp Wins 2022 ILEA Award

The International Live Events Association Esprit Awards recognize excellence in industry professionals’ most creative and innovative events.

9/9/2022 - TAPS
Montana Men's Retreat

Event Photos: TAPS surviving men honor their loved ones and connect with other men who understand in West Creek Ranch, Emigrant, Montana. .

9/9/2022 - TAPS Media
Superheroes: Examples To Follow Along Our Grief Journey

Using “hero” themes can help children cope with grief, endure life’s challenges, learn to forgive, and find meaning in life in the midst of painful experiences.

9/8/2022 - Andy McNiel
15th Annual TAPS Golf Outing hosted by Parsons

Event Photos: TAPS supporters join together in supporting the families of our fallen military members.

9/8/2022 - TAPS Media
Video: Back to School, Back to Work: Returning to Routine when Nothing is Routine

Video discussion on how to find continuity between “what was” and what is by creating a new “everyday” that works for you and your family.

9/7/2022 - Rachel Kodanaz
Get Involved, Meet Your Peers in the TAPS Young Adults Program

This program focuses on 5 Pillars of Growth and Healing: personal development, career guidance, communications, financial stability, & service to others.

9/5/2022 - TAPS
Coping with Grief and Trauma and Loss: Home Base Reflections of Gratitude and Growth

Read one surviving fiancé's journey toward healing and growth from suicide loss with help from Home Base Programs of Boston and TAPS.

9/2/2022 - Katie Langer - Carla Stumpf Patton
National Suicide Prevention Month: TAPS Support and Resources

TAPS is honored to be a leader in suicide postvention. We’re sharing resources available to those looking to get involved or those seeking help.

9/1/2022 - Carla Stumpf Patton
Grief is a Path Best Shared

Surviving father discovers being honest with our emotions can unlock a new strength in us, empowering us to endure what we once thought was impossible.

8/30/2022 - Perry Monroe
Video: TAPS Policy & Legislative Advocacy Update

Video discussion on how the TAPS policy team is advocating for you on Capitol Hill on a variety of issues from remarriage to toxic exposure.

8/30/2022 - Candace Wheeler - Ashlynne Haycock-Lohmann
Southern Regional Military Survivor Seminar and Good Grief Camp

Event Photos: Survivors come together both in-person and online in fellowship in San Antonio, Texas.

8/28/2022 - TAPS Media
The Word “Widow” Doesn’t Cut It

TAPS Peer Mentor Sonia Rai reflects on the nature of her relationship with her best friend and soulmate U.S. Air Force Captain John Graziano.

8/24/2022 - Sonia Rai
Care within Your Community

In addition to peer support and services that TAPS provides, we also connect you to grief resources close to home.

8/18/2022 - TAPS
One Year Later: Reflecting on the U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan

As headlines from Afghanistan faded from social media feeds and the nightly newscasts, TAPS support for the families they serve never wavers.

8/17/2022 - Kelly McHugh-Stewart
Understanding Your Grief Ten Touchstones for Finding Hope and Healing Your Heart, Part 3

In this wilderness of your grief, the touchstones are your trail markers. They are the signs that let you know you are on the right path.

8/12/2022 - Alan Wolfelt
Video: Renovating and Remodeling: Moving Beyond Just Coping and Surviving

Video discussion on active grief versus passive grief in moving us beyond just coping, beyond just surviving after a loss.

8/9/2022 - Benjamin Wolfe
TAPS Celebrates the Passage of The Historic Pact Act

This legislation ensures veterans exposed to burn pits, toxins, and airborne hazards while deployed are provided access to VA health care and benefits.

8/3/2022 - TAPS
Video: TAPS is Here for Military Survivors

TAPS provides compassionate care to all those grieving the death of a military loved one, no matter when, where or how the death took place.

8/2/2022 - TAPS Media
How Nature Helps Us Heal After Loss

During my darkest moments after the death of my loved one, in nature, I always find affirmations of hope and healing.

8/1/2022 - Erin Jacobson
TAPS NFL Young Adults Summit: A Weekend of Hope, Connections and Possibilities

Young adults’ passion for learning, thinking outside the box to align their own values and purpose with a fulfilling career were reignited at this event.

8/1/2022 - Renee Monczynski
TAPS Survivor Newsletter August 2022

TAPS Young Adults connect with peers and professionals to help guide and inspire them as they continue building their adult lives and careers.

8/1/2022 - TAPS Media
Heading Back to School Can Be a Challenging Process for Surviving Children

Here are some suggestions on how schools can provide a supportive environment for students who may be grieving the death of a loved one.

7/31/2022 - Andy McNiel
Discover a New Sense of Meaning and Purpose by Becoming a TAPS Peer Mentor

Peer Mentors are the foundation of the TAPS mission to provide compassionate care to all those grieving the death of a military loved one.

7/30/2022 - Michelle Knuppe
Klinger’s Korner: Understanding Your Child’s Unique Way of Being in the World

Get suggestions for better understanding how your child feels most comfortable being in the world, and how to best spend our energy parenting them.

7/28/2022 - Andy McNiel
TAPS Men's Program

Whether you are a surviving brother, father, battle buddy, adult child, or spouse, you have a home at TAPS.

7/25/2022 - TAPS
TAPS Magazine Summer 2022

Volume 28, Issue 2

7/20/2022 - TAPS Quarterly Magazine
TAPS Young Adults Summit

Event Photos: TAPS Young Adults attended a 4-day, 3-night professional development conference hosted at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.

7/17/2022 - TAPS Media
988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline Offers Hope, Connection and Support to Help Save Lives

The national launch of the 3-digit dialing code on July 16, 2022 will provide free and confidential support, 24/7/365 through call, text, or chat.

7/15/2022 - Carla Stumpf Patton
Partnership Creates Healing Connections To Nature and Peers For TAPS Families

This first event is one of ten events in partnership with the National Park Trust that will take place over the next year.

7/11/2022 - Rachel Hunsell
TAPS Survivor Newsletter July 2022

You are part of a network we call the TAPS family, and it's more than a label. At TAPS events, there are opportunities to be truly who you are.

7/11/2022 - TAPS Media
Mountain Regional Military Survivor Seminar and Good Grief Camp

Event Photos: Survivors come together both in-person and online in fellowship in Denver, Colorado.

7/10/2022 - TAPS Media
4th of July Celebration at the White House

Event Photos: TAPS families participated 4th of July Celebration at the White House in Washington, D.C.

7/4/2022 - TAPS Media
Independence is Happiness

Freedom is priceless. It should never be taken for granted. My wish for Afghanistan is the feeling of freedom I have found in America.

7/4/2022 - Bushra Farkish
TAPS Colorado Springs Singer Songwriter Show and Dinner

Event Photos: Fundraiser with world-class entertainment by Pam Tillis, Frank Myers, Jamie O'Neal, David Ernest Malloy, Jimmy Nichols, and Ed Montana.

6/30/2022 - TAPS Media
Video: Tapping and HeartMath: Techniques to Lessen Anxiety and Build Resilience

Video discussion to discuss hands-on wellness tools, such as Tapping and the Heart Coherence procedure from the HeartMath Institute.

6/28/2022 - Neil Goodman
Young Adults Denver Experience

Event Photos: TAPS young adults gain real-world life skills to help transition into adulthood in Denver, Colorado.

6/26/2022 - TAPS Media
TAPS Togethers: National Park Fishing Days

Event Photos: Survivors share time in the great outdoors with fellow survivors fly fishing in Marietta, Georgia.

6/25/2022 - TAPS Media
TAPS 4-Night Bahamas & Perfect Day at CocoCay Cruise

Event Photos: Military survivors set sail together from Orlando in fellowship on a cruise to the Bahamas.

6/21/2022 - TAPS Media
Grieving in the Closet

Surviving son shares his complicated experience grieving for his father as a young teen while at the same time discovering his own identity.

6/17/2022 - Chandler Keeling
TAPS Survivor Newsletter June 2022

June is PTSD Awareness Month and at TAPS, we recognize the importance of having open lines of communication on such difficult topics.

6/15/2022 - TAPS Media
Healing Trauma in Military Survivors

Home Base and TAPS offer specialized trauma treatment combined with peer-based support to those grieving the loss of a military loved one to suicide.

6/13/2022 - Carla Stumpf Patton
stars4taps Las Vegas Men's Survivor Experience Presented by the Robert Irvine Foundation

Event Photos: TAPS Surviving Military Men attended the Survivor Experience with Robert Irvine in Las Vegas, Nevada

6/12/2022 - TAPS Media
Video: Supporting Our Kids, Supporting Ourselves

Video discussion to explore Darcie Sims's four grief styles and explore practical ideas for supporting each of the different styles.

6/7/2022 - Tina Barrett
Celebration of TAPS hosted by Tom and Sharon Chisholm

Event Photos: TAPS fundraiser held in Paramus, New Jersey by hosts Tom and Sharon Chisholm

6/7/2022 - TAPS Media
Team TAPS at the Armed Forces Cycling Classic

Event Photos: Team TAPS participated June 4 and 5 at the Armed Forces Cycling Classic to raise money and awareness for TAPS.

6/5/2022 - TAPS Media
28th National Military Survivor Seminar and Good Grief Camp

Event Photos, May 27 - 30, 2022

6/3/2022 - TAPS Media
Prioritizing Self-Care While Grieving

Here’s how you can best use your time to give yourself as much attention as you give others while you are grieving.

6/2/2022 - Gloria Horsley
Video: 28th Annual TAPS National Military Survivor Seminar and Good Grief Camp Highlights

More than 1200 military survivors, volunteers and staff gathered together for hope and healing in Arlington, Virginia over Memorial Day Weekend.

5/30/2022 - TAPS Media
Video: National Memorial Day Parade

We are grateful to the American Veterans Center and the National Memorial Day Parade for including military surviving families in this special event.

5/30/2022 - National Veterans Center
Video: Memorial Day Message from Bonnie Carroll, TAPS President and Founder

For all of us in the TAPS family, every day is our Memorial Day. As military survivors we are our loved ones living legacies.

5/25/2022 - TAPS Media
Video: Active Healing Through Mentoring

Video discussion on active and passive healing and how taking a step toward peer mentoring can support growth during the grief journey.

5/17/2022 - Audri Beugelsdijk - Jon Ganues - Carole Hilton
Expressing Your Grief: Healing Through Writing

Scientific evidence suggests a link between therapeutic writing and the successful management of traumatic experiences. Read tips to get started.

5/15/2022 - Stephanie Frogge
Understanding Your Grief: Ten Touchstones for Finding Hope and Healing Your Heart, Part 2

In this wilderness of your grief, the touchstones are your trail markers. They are the signs that let you know you are on the right path.

5/11/2022 - Alan Wolfelt
Blue Ridge Women's Empowerment Retreat

Event Photos: TAPS surviving women create a plan for healing and growth in Boone, North Carolina.

5/9/2022 - TAPS Media
Tribute to the Honorable Robert J. Dole

His precious family, our nation, and our TAPS family will dearly miss TAPS Honorary Board member, the Honorable Robert J. Dole.

5/2/2022 - TAPS
TAPS Young Adults Program: A Place for Community And Transformative Healing and Growth

If you are a surviving military child or sibling ages 18 - 30 and looking for an understanding and supportive community, join TAPS Young Adults.

5/2/2022 - Joelle Leek
TAPS Survivor Newsletter May 2022

When one military family member serves, the entire family serves... and sacrifices. We honor you.

5/1/2022 - TAPS Media
Video: TAPS Family Announces Atlanta Falcons 2nd Round Draft Pick at the 2022 NFL Draft

U.S. Army 2nd Lieutenant Clifford Valentino Gadsden's family announced the Atlanta Falcons 2nd Round Draft Pick at the 2022 NFL Draft in Las Vegas.

4/29/2022 - TAPS Media
2021 TAPS Sports & Entertainment Highlight Reel

In light of challenging times, we are even more thankful for the in-person and virtual opportunities that our partners helped provide for our TAPS families.

4/27/2022 - TAPS
TAPS Honor Guard Gala

Event Photos: TAPS supporters join together in supporting the families of our fallen military members.

4/27/2022 - TAPS Media
Video: TAPS Senator Ted Stevens Leadership Award

This year's award was presented to Matt Daud, Surviving father of Corporal Christopher Daud, United States Marine Corps.

4/27/2022 - TAPS Media
Video: TAPS Military Mentor of the Year Award

This year's award was presented to Technical Sergeant Clynton Trewyn, United States Air Force.

4/27/2022 - TAPS Media
TAPS Honor Guard Gala Congressional Luncheon

Event Photos: TAPS hosted a Congressional Luncheon at the Army Navy Club in Washington, D.C.

4/27/2022 - TAPS Media
A Bittersweet Gift: Finding Comfort in teams4taps

Surviving mother shares how attending TAPS Expeditions, Retreats and teams4taps events has helped her on the journey to healing.

4/25/2022 - Elizabeth Engleman-Hammett
TAPS Impact Report 2021

We are a family of military survivors ready to embrace and connect all who grieve the death of a military loved one with resources, services and programs.

4/22/2022 - TAPS Impact
Video: Bonnie Carroll on Finding the Beauty within Tragedy

A conversation between TAPS Founder and President Bonnie Carroll and Robin Gargano held during the Finding the Beauty within Tragedy Summit.

4/20/2022 - Robin Gargano
Klinger’s Korner: The Strength of the Parent-Child Relationship

Get parenting tips to help your grieving child problem solve, strengthen their sense of security, and provide moral support and encouragement.

4/14/2022 - TAPS
Video: Finding Your Voice Through Writing

Video discussion on tools and techniques to express yourself via written words while providing an opportunity to heal, grow, and feel empowered.

4/12/2022 - Rachel Kodanaz
Kids, Grief, and COVID-19

Children and teens have had their world turned inside out during the coronavirus pandemic. Understand the signs of grief and ways to help them heal.

4/11/2022 - Linda Goldman
Young Adults Charleston Experience

Event Photos: TAPS young adults gain real-world life skills to help transition into adulthood in Charleston, South Carolina.

4/8/2022 - TAPS Media
Suzanne Youngkin Visit to TAPS Headquarters

Event Photos: First Lady of Virginia Suzanne Youngkin toured TAPS headquarters in Arlington, Virginia

4/5/2022 - TAPS Media
Video: TAPS Family Camps for Surviving Military Families

At our Family Camps we provide care, support, and a lot of fun to help improve communication and family dynamics.

4/4/2022 - TAPS Media
Windy25 Memorial Fund 5K

Event Photos: TAPS fundraiser at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas to honor the legacy of our courageous heroes and in tribute to the Windy25 flight.

4/2/2022 - TAPS Media
TAPS Magazine Spring 2022

Volume 28, Issue 1

4/1/2022 - TAPS Quarterly Magazine
Giving Back and Paying it Forward

Discover the ways to support TAPS. We also welcome your creative ideas!

4/1/2022 - TAPS
There Are No Strangers at TAPS

Find support and immerse yourself in the company of those who have the shared experience of grief and loss. Join your TAPS Family.

4/1/2022 - Ellen Andrews
Helping Surviving Families Achieve Their Post-Secondary Goals

If you or your child are exploring post-secondary education opportunities, TAPS Education Support Services is at the ready to help you navigate the process.

4/1/2022 - TAPS
TAPS Survivor Newsletter April 2022

TAPS is America's family, and during this Month of the Military Child, we honor our youngest grievers – the children of our nation's fallen heroes.

4/1/2022 - TAPS Media
Charleston Women's Empowerment Retreat

Event Photos: TAPS surviving women create a plan for healing and growth in Charleston, South Carolina.

4/1/2022 - TAPS Media
Spring Transformation

Whether it is sitting on a back porch, taking a walk, going on a hike, or opening the window, nature improves our overall well-being.

3/31/2022 - Jason Stout
Video: Navigating this New Grief and Loss Journey

Video recording discussion to learn strategies, validation, and guidance to help you better understand and cope with your grief journey.

3/29/2022 - Karen Monts
Online TAPS Events

The updated Online Community allows you to explore all of our online programs – online groups, workshops, and coping skills programs – in one place.

3/28/2022 - TAPS
Tips to Navigating Complicated Feelings Surrounding the War in Ukraine

Our community of military survivors has a unique, complicated connection to war, and it's okay to not be okay right now. Here are some tips to help cope.

3/25/2022 - Kelly McHugh-Stewart
Sharing Your Story

Storytelling can be done through our oral stories, but also through writing, painting, collaging, dancing, gardening, and so much more.

3/20/2022 - Rachel Hunsell
Young Adults New England Experience

Event Photos: TAPS young adults gain real-world life skills to help transition into adulthood in Boston, Massachusetts.

3/11/2022 - TAPS Media
Video: Teton Ridge Foundation Honors TAPS Families at The American Rodeo

Teton Ridge Foundation gave recognition and honor to over 250 surviving military families at The American Rodeo in Arlington, Texas on March 6, 2022.

3/6/2022 - Teton Ridge Foundation
Alaska Survivor Experience

Event Photos: TAPS Survivors move beyond your comfort zone with the support of others who understand in Anchorage, Alaska.

3/6/2022 - TAPS Media
TAPS Survivor Newsletter March 2022

Our hearts remain with all those being impacted around the world. Connect with TAPS as you process these current events while still caring for yourself.

3/2/2022 - TAPS Media
Mental Health Help: Finding the Right Therapist

If you are grieving the death of a military or veteran loved one, TAPS is here to help connect your to grief counseling or therapy.

3/1/2022 - Karissa Kelley
Video: How to Talk to Children About Death and Grief

Video discussion on four basic concepts to facilitate a child’s understanding about death and grief and resources for families and caregivers.

3/1/2022 - Marianne Matzo
Southeast Regional Military Survivor Seminar and Good Grief Camp

Event Photos: Survivors come together both in-person and virtually in fellowship in Jacksonville, Florida.

2/27/2022 - TAPS Media
Mental Health Help: Is it the Right Option for Me?

Finding mental health help while grieving can move you forward even though it feels impossible. If you are ready to take the next step, call TAPS.

2/25/2022 - Karissa Kelley
Tom and Sharon Chisholm Fundraiser

Event Photos: TAPS fundraiser held in Jupiter, Florida by hosts Tom and Sharon Chisholm

2/24/2022 - TAPS Media
Continuing the Legacy of Love

Read ideas for remaining connected with that person you loved so dearly…strive to know them in a new way and be their footsteps in the world.

2/14/2022 - Audri Beugelsdijk
TAPS Survivor Newsletter February 2022

Check out what events are happening in February to to help us reinforce our relationship and remain connected with our special person in healthy ways.

2/14/2022 - TAPS Media
How to Tell Children About a Death

Download our one-page resource that offers age-appropriate words that will help our youngest survivors begin to understand what has transpired.

2/13/2022 - TAPS
Sedona Women's Empowerment Retreat

Event Photos: TAPS surviving women create a plan for healing and growth in Sedona, Arizona.

2/11/2022 - TAPS Media
teams4taps NFL Pro Bowl

Event Photos: TAPS Families attended the NFL Pro Bowl Experience in Las Vega, Nevada

2/7/2022 - TAPS Media
Video: Grief Journaling in the New Year

Video recording discussion on writing prompts that will help you chart a course for healthy coping, loving reflection, and self-discovery in 2022.

2/1/2022 - Heather Stang
Northeast Regional Military Survivor Seminar and Good Grief Camp

Event Photos: Survivors come together both in-person and virtually in fellowship in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

1/30/2022 - TAPS Media
Video: Coping with Loss when Death is Stigmatized

Video recording discussion on when mourners feel they cannot express their loss fully because of the cultural stigma about how the person died.

1/18/2022 - Kenneth Doka
TAPS Survivor Newsletter January 2022

As fellow survivors, your TAPS family continually lifts one another up with support and encouragement. Discover the ways to join your TAPS Family in 2022.

1/4/2022 - TAPS Media
To Resolution or Not to Resolution: Relaxing into the New Year

Rather than struggle against ourselves or set unrealistic expectations this new year, make friends with where you are. Discover some ways help.

1/3/2022 - Audri Beugelsdijk