Video: Managing the Difficult Emotions of Anger, Guilt, and Sorrow after Loss

Presenter: Andy McNiel

The death of someone in our life can bring mental and emotional anguish in great measure and depth like nothing else. This presentation will take a close look at the challenging emotions associated with anger, guilt, and sorrow that often accompany grief. We may feel a sense of responsibility for the circumstances leading up to a person's death. We might regret missed opportunities as we think back on our relationship with our person. We may have intense anger associated with aspects of their death or issues related to our relationship with them. Whatever it is that might influence these feelings, difficult emotions can be challenging to navigate. Join Andy McNiel, MA, Senior Advisor to Youth Programs at TAPS for a discussion about these three difficult emotions and ideas for addressing each of these experiences or supporting those walking this difficult road.

This webinar is presented by the TAPS Institute for Hope and HealingĀ®.

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