Video: Finding Your Voice Through Writing

Presenter: Rachel Kodanaz

Would you feel more at ease if you were able to convey your pain by communicating your thoughts and emotions in writing? Are you looking for an outlet to be heard? Finding your voice through writing will provide tools and techniques to express yourself via written words while providing an opportunity to heal, grow, and feel empowered.

Whether you would like to write a book, a blog, or an article for a magazine on a topic near and dear to your heart, penning words of your thoughts will help balance emotions and logic. Join in the conversation on how to get started, what topic is best for you, how to create an appropriate timeline, and ways to publish your written words if so desired.

Author, Rachel Kodanaz will share her personal journey which led her to document her feelings, emotions, set-backs, and growth in her best-selling book Living with Loss, One Day at a Time. Whatever your goal for writing is, join Rachel as she shares her experiences of how finding her voice helped with her personal healing and sharing her story in support of others.

This webinar is presented by the TAPS Institute for Hope and HealingĀ®.

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