Video: Wellness Techniques for Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Presenter: Neil Goodman

In this recording of the webinar, you will be introduced to several powerful wellness tools, such as Mindfulness Meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and the Heart Coherence procedure from the HeartMath Institute. These are keys to reducing the components of debilitating stress and can led to improved health and wellness during these challenging times.

This video was recorded and presented by the TAPS Institute for Hope and HealingĀ®.

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Neil Goodman

Neil Goodman, LMT

Neil Goodman is a disabled Vietnam Veteran who has been a corporate trainer, massage therapist, certified meditation instructor, Reiki practitioner, and life coach. He has developed several curriculums for stress reduction and conducted mindfulness meditation workshops for over 26 years in Northern Virginia and the D.C. metropolitan area. He currently volunteers with the D.C. V.A. Hospital, at Fort Belvoir with military and Veteran populations as well as with their mental health clinicians that serve our active military and Veterans. He also volunteers at local Sunrise Senior Centers and The Fairfax County Adult Detention Center, teaching prisoners the protocols previously mentioned.


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