Video: Shifting Tides - From Caregiver to Survivor

Presenter: Lisa Zucker

When a loved one falls ill, the family members who take on the role of caregiver experience a complete shift in life as they knew it, from the emotional stress to the physical changes such as lack of sleep, anxiousness, and distractedness. After the loss, a caregiver's world shifts once again; some of these experiences will persist, some will intensify, and new changes will emerge. During this webinar, we will discuss this period of transition from caregiving to bereaved as well as ways to cope and support yourself through this process. Whether you are anticipating an imminent loss of a loved one or you lost someone you cared for some time ago, this webinar aims to validate your experience and broaden the understanding of effective coping and self-care.

This video was recorded and presented by the TAPS Institute for Hope and HealingĀ®.

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