Video: Grief and Young Adults in Military-Connected Families

Presenters: Heather Servaty-Seib , Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth

Young adults are a unique group of grievers in connection with both their developmental positioning and cohort factors. Many are also growing and learning in the particular context of higher education. In addition, young adults who are members of military-connected families can experience added layers to their grief affected by the specifics of military-connected deaths (e.g., ambiguity, deaths from a distance) as well as intersecting stereotypes about the military. Listen to Dr. Servaty-Seib and Dr. MacDermid Wadsworth to gain a better understanding of the themes common in the grief of young adults and the special features of grief for military-connected young adults.

This video was recorded and presented by the TAPS Institute for Hope and HealingĀ®.

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