Video: Save A Warrior Meditation

Presenter: Brad Gallup

Save A Warriorâ„¢ (SAW) teaches veterans, first responders, and anyone interested in learning how to meditate and/or train others to meditate. Meditation is proven to reverse the effects of posttraumatic stress, trauma and re-wire the brain. Just as lifting weights strengthens muscles, meditation strengthens the parts of the brain that support clarity, focus and calm. In a matter of weeks, meditation can begin to heal the amygdala (the stress center) while increasing activity in the prefrontal cortex (the control center), supporting our ability to control our emotions. Studies have shown that meditation increases activity in the left prefrontal cortex (which is more active when we're happy) and lowers activity in the right prefrontal cortex, meaning the long-term effects of meditation bring happiness!

This webinar was recorded by the TAPS Institute for Hope and Healing®  and presented by Major Brad Gallup, USMC, USAF (Ret.) .

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Webinar Handout and Slides


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