TAPS Talks Video: Objects & Heirlooms: Clearing Clutter and Staying Connected

Presenter: Allison Gilbert

These deeply unsettling times are often more challenging because we feel powerless. Yet there is significant healing power in doing whatever we can to regain a measure of control, no matter how small that step may seem in the moment.

The best way to take back some much-needed power, especially when you’re missing a loved one who has died, is to reclaim what you can: Your immediate environment. Your home. Doing so will not only clear clutter, it will also boost your happiness. This video recording of the TAPS Talk with author Allison Gilbert reveals strategies for going through cherished objects and heirlooms and transforming them to give you even more pleasure. The session also reveals why lingering over cherished memories is absolutely essential to our emotional well-being, especially right now.

This live connection is recorded by the TAPS Institute for Hope and Healing.® 

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