Video: Creating a New Future with Your In-laws After Loss

Presenter: Rachel Kodanaz

Relationships with the parents and family of our loved ones come in all shapes and sizes. Family dynamics, which were once complicated, can become clearer as you all grieve the death of a central person in your lives or what was once a rock-solid relationship can become messy and hurtful. No matter what your relationship status is with your in-laws there is a potential for perceived judgment on both sides; awkwardness regarding how and how often to speak about your loved one; and uncertainty about your future relationship as everyone’s lives unfold post-loss.

After 25 years of juggling in-laws, Rachel will share what she has learned about perception versus reality in regards to these relationships, as well as practical approaches for handling a wide variety of complicated family situations. This workshop will help you map out a path for a future with your in-laws, no matter what that relationship looks like today.

This video was recorded and presented by the TAPS Institute for Hope and Healing®.

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