Video: Adult Siblings as Disenfranchised Grievers

Presenter: Christina Zampitella

Adult surviving siblings are often disenfranchised, and as a result, their grieving process remains private, intensifying the grieving process. Disenfranchised grief is one in which society does not recognize the validity of the loss, accept the mourner's grieving style, or stigmatizes the type of loss and/or reasons for the death (i.e., suicide, overdose, homicide, etc.). When the griever is disenfranchised, he or she may withdraw from others or question his or her own grieving process, may not acknowledge the reality of the loss and its implications, or adapt to the loss in healthy ways.

This webinar aims to educate the participants about the grief experiences by adults whose siblings have died and provide insights on how to reduce the risk of disenfranchising their loss and grieving process. It was recorded by the TAPS Institute for Hope and Healing®  and presented by Dr. Christina Zampitella.

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