TAPS Quick Series - Grief Guide

Author: TAPS

The TAPS Grief Guide normalizes the grief experience and provides helpful considerations for how grief impacts the whole person. It includes valuable information on mourning styles, relationship factors, types of grief, as well as helpful information on how grief impacts a person physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and socially. This tool for survivors touches on strategies and resources designed to support healthy coping. It is designed to help those in the military community who are new to grief.

Order Information

TAPS Quick Series Guides are included in the TAPS Resource Kit, which is sent to surviving families at no cost.  If you are a survivor and have not received a copy, please email info@taps.org and include your current mailing address.  If you are a professional or member of the military and would like a copy, please contact us through the TAPS Helpline at 800-959-8277.

Quick Series - Grief Guide

This content has been updated from a previous Survivor Guide version posted on January 28, 2013.