Godwinks: We Know

Author: Scott Pleasants

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We Know

Is it just a coincidence
when I hear your name
seven times this week
three on the bus
four times on the train 

In the morning dew
as moisture touches the pane
The early rain writes a few letters
at a glance it’s spelling your name 

Still taking those long walks and afternoon rides
Same path along that sidewalk
Same route in the street
Same conversations
Same vibe often hearing you speak 

When I opened the newspaper
I must have saw your name a dozen times 

and if I forget to mention
on the corner of the intersection
back of that truck
The license plate with your initials
almost had me starstruck 

The kids in my sister’s class
one had your middle name as his first
the other your first was his last 

Remember that guy
he still says to tell you hi
lives three houses down on the left
and the pilot at the airport
standing in line with the nameplate on his chest 

The cup in the coffee house
with your name written on the side
and when they yelled across the cafe
we all turned towards the door and smiled 

Now moving through our days
with a revived awareness
embraced in the people that we meet
feeling the wind dancing on a stage
that is seemingly new
and the movement in the ocean
that is recently blue 

We now hear the bell tower that is ringing
The birds that are singing
And the dream in the morning
That offers the memories you’re bringing 

and just like that
we know that you’re watching
seemingly you’re always around
teetering at the threshold of overthink
each and every time 

God has decided to wink


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coffee cup and twinkly lights

Scott Pleasants is the surviving father of PO2 Michael K. Pleasants, U.S. Navy, and the Poet Laureate of the Township of Teaneck, New Jersey.

Photos: Pexels, Pixabay