Care within Your Community

Author: TAPS

In addition to peer support and services that TAPS provides, we also connect you to grief resources close to home. 

Upon request, TAPS provides a detailed report of support within your community. We do research and make the phone calls to ensure the available groups are an appropriate fit for you. We find out if groups are actively meeting, when the next meeting will be and what you can expect the first time you go.

American flag flying on homePhoto: Pexels, Brett Sayles

These TAPS Community Resource Reports are provided at no cost to you, and we tailor the information to fit your needs. 

If you have found yourself leaning on drugs or alcohol to help you cope with the loss of your loved one, TAPS can help. We work with community partners to ensure the underlying issues are addressed and your needs met. We will connect you directly to our community partners who will work with your insurance company. TAPS is here for you and will support you without judgment. 

TAPS also hosts our own local support groups; TAPS Care Groups. Our monthly care groups provide survivors with a truly understanding environment where you can find hope and comfort from your TAPS family. If you live near a TAPS Care Group, we will provide that information in your Community Resource Report. You can also visit our TAPS Care Group calendar to find a care group near you.

Allow TAPS to build a community of compassionate care around you. Request a Community  Resource Report by completing this request form or calling 800-959-TAPS (8277).