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Find Comfort and Healing Online

The TAPS Online Community is here for you – wherever you are in your grief journey, the country, or the world. The recently updated TAPS Online Community allows you to explore all of our online programs – including online groups, workshops, and coping skills programs – in one place. Through online sessions, connect with, learn from, and be inspired by fellow survivors. Finding your peers within the TAPS family has become easier than ever! New programs and many opportunities for rich engagement await you.

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Reccuring Online Groups

Count on Connections: Online groups are peer-led, facilitated sessions that bring together survivors with similar experiences, where there's never pressure to share but always an opportunity. We value the importance of knowing that there are "places" we can show up and feel supported by others of shared loss and experience. And, you can decide to connect with us each week or whenever it is convenient or compelling. Our TAPS Family will always welcome you.

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Workshops and Series

Learn Together: Workshops and online series provide the opportunity for us to learn together, have shared experiences, and create community – all of which can help normalize our grief and contribute to healing along the way. Our current offerings meet weekly or monthly, including theatre labs for adults and families and online series in grief leadership for adults and young adults.


Coping Skills Programming

Discover Self-Expression: Every month, TAPS online offerings include two unique sessions exploring new ways of coping with your grief, ranging from mindfulness to movement and everything in between. Some sessions will involve materials for creative expression or simple tools for self-care. A list of materials needed for each session will be provided in the email confirmation you receive when you register.

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TAPS Institute for Hope And Healing®

Empower yourself through grief, resilience, and wellness education at the TAPS Institute for Hope and Healing®, where practical information on coping with loss is accessible to all. At the Institute, TAPS and the Hospice Foundation of America have teamed up to provide workshops, seminars, panel discussions, and more to train professionals and help individuals and families thrive after loss. Visit the Institute to access its event calendar, register for upcoming live webinars, and watch archived webinars online today.



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