Military Leadership Honors Our Taps Family

Author: TAPS

General Martin E. Dempsey at TAPS event

“The Department of Defense does a great job, from the time we recruit to retire, from the time we induct to inter, if someone dies on active duty or in retirement. But they stop at that point. Not because they want to stop, but because at that point, it’s really hard for the federal government to keep track of where a surviving family goes when they’ve lost a loved one. And that’s where TAPS comes in, an organization that helps survivors overcome tragic circumstances– the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors. That’s why TAPS is so important.”

Retired U.S. Army General Martin E. Dempsey
18th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

General Joseph F. Dunford Jr. at TAPS event

“We deployed knowing that if something happened to us if we were wounded, we would come back, and we would receive first-class medical care. We knew that, and we could take it as an article of faith. We also knew that if something happened to us, there would be somebody there to take care of our families. We didn’t have to check our six o’clock, so for 14 years, our men and women have deployed, focused on the mission, paid attention to what they had to do, and they knew that back home they had the support network there and whatever their families needed, there were people there to take care of it. But I have to tell you that no organization is probably as responsible for that sense of confidence that we have had, that our families would be taken care of, than TAPS.”

Retired U.S. Marine Corps General Joseph F. Dunford Jr.
19th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

General David L. Goldfein at TAPS event

"There is nothing more sacred than taking care of our families of the Fallen. As Airmen, we rarely fly into combat alone. We almost always do so in formation, and everyone in the formation has a responsibility and has to get their job done. I can think of no better example than flying in formation and taking care of each other than what you do with TAPS."

Retired U.S. Air Force General David L. Goldfein
21st Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force

General Daniel R. Hokanson at TAPS event

"What is unique about TAPS is the level of commitment of all survivors. Your loved one may have not died on the battlefield, they might not have died in line of duty, you may not be officially recognized as the next of kin, but TAPS has built a sanctuary that transcends those distinctions, honoring all service members who've lost their lives and supporting loved ones they left behind. The National Guard Bureau hopes to raise awareness of this vital organization so we can connect survivors with the comfort and hope they deserve. I know every National Guard survivor connected with TAPS will receive the one-of-a kind support that only the TAPS Family can offer."

U.S. Army General Daniel R. Hokanson
29th Chief of the National Guard Bureau

General Mark Milley and Bonnie Carroll at TAPS event

As we forward our mission to care for the families of America’s fallen heroes, TAPS is honored to be supported by the Department of Defense. We invite you to watch our Military Leadership Who Support TAPS video to hear more about how military community leaders support our TAPS Family.

Video: Military Leadership Who Support TAPS