Finding Meaning in Afghanistan

Author: TAPS

"The true lessons of war are not in what our warriors died for but for what, and for whom, they lived for." ~ Bonnie Carroll, TAPS President and Founder

Since 1994, TAPS has provided a wide range of services to military and veteran survivors who are grieving the loss of their loved ones who served as Americans or American allies. The last several weeks have been especially heartbreaking for the people of Afghanistan, the military men and women who served, their families, our nation, and the world. News coverage of recent events has revealed shocking images of violence and destruction, which have awakened feelings of hurt, grief, depression, anxiety, anger, or confusion for those who have served in the Armed Forces and their loved ones.

August 20, 2021 Webinar

Wall art in Afghanistan

Now more important than ever, TAPS is supporting Gold Star Families who are reeling from the chaos in Afghanistan and the Taliban takeover. TAPS hosted Finding Meaning in Afghanistan, a panel discussion featuring personal accounts from military loss survivors, veterans, and veteran families on how the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan is affecting them. Panelists and special guests shed light on various perspectives of those powerfully impacted by the devastation in Afghanistan. It explored how each of us can hold onto hope – how we can honor both the lives and the service our loved ones gave to our great nation.

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Separated by War - United in Healing

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Creating hope through the stone of heaven, the Afghan Lapis Lazuli Collection brings together two countries with broken hearts and lost loved ones by creating hope and stability for grieving women. Each piece is handmade and packaged with love by women affected by war.

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"Does Afghanistan have a struggle in front of them? Undoubtedly so. Will I, my children, and the TAPS family continue to miss our loved ones? Unequivocally, yes. Yet I hold a ray of hope that good triumphs over evil. I am thankful my husband and the loved ones of others heard that call and answered it. They lived extraordinary lives and went to extraordinary measures for us. They've impacted countless lives for good, and for this, their service sees no end." ~ Jennifer Stratton, Surviving Spouse of U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Mark E. Stratton II