Camaraderie and Comfort

Author: TAPS

In small towns and big cities, at a coffee shop in a quiet room—the comfort and camaraderie of your TAPS family is right around the corner and close to home. Whether you want to talk about your grief and gain insight into how others are coping, share a casual visit or participate in an activity where you can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature—the love and care of TAPS is present where you live, work and play. 

TAPS Togethers and Care Groups are relaxed, casual gatherings that encourage survivors to connect in their communities. The TAPS magic we experience when Together—that atmosphere of being understood—becomes more accessible. Smaller groups, familiar surroundings, and the knowledge that your #TAPSfam is close by are the hallmarks of TAPS Togethers and Care Groups.


TAPS Togethers

TAPS Together at hair salonPhoto: TAPS Archives

TAPS Together at Baseball gamePhoto: TAPS Archives

Everyday experiences are made more meaningful when surrounded by those who care for us. We are able to stay in touch and spend time together. When gathered with fellow survivors, we can be open, honest and feel comfort that transcends words. 

TAPS Togethers give us opportunities in social settings to maintain contact with those who are traveling the grief journey and to foster a deeper appreciation for the individuals that have been brought into our lives. 

This year, survivors have enjoyed a Super Bowl party at TAPS National Headquarters, snowshoeing classes in Denver, touring the Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, makeover classes at Sephora, and private classes at an Apple store. Our good friends at Starbucks have welcomed survivors with open arms, providing gift cards to support TAPS families coming together for coffee hours. 

TAPS Togethers are different from Care Groups or support group sessions because they often center around an activity or occur in social settings. Discussing your grief experience is an option, not a requirement. Relaxing among friends will help you gain a stronger support network. 

You can play an active role in helping TAPS expand our outreach through TAPS Togethers. Think of an activity in your area that would be affordable to do—get a local restaurant to sponsor a meal, ask a local museum to donate free admission for surviving families, see if a venue will donate tickets to a show or send us a proposal (if there’s a cost associated, we’ll do our best to find a sponsor). Email Community Relations to share your ideas and we will work with you to bring TAPS love to your community. 

Simple, comforting and energizing—the gift of time spent with your TAPS family waits for you at our TAPS Togethers.


Care Groups

care group attendeesPhoto: TAPS Archives

care group attendees at StarbucksPhoto: TAPS Archives

If a more structured support group format appeals to you, TAPS Care Groups provide safe spaces for honest discussions focused on grief, loss, and connection. In most cases, Care Groups are lead by a TAPS Peer Mentor and a mental health professional. These gatherings are not therapy but they are therapeutic, allowing survivors to explore all the emotions associated with grief and their own journey while in the supportive company of others. 

Each group meets at a safe, easy-to-find location and is free to attend. Some groups offer childcare so you can have peace of mind knowing your children are being looked after while you attend. Discussions help you share precious memories, share the challenges of grief and create lasting bonds that will touch your heart. 

Gentle guidance from facilitators helps survivors weave together the common threads of military service, grief, and coping skills. Regular meetings and familiar faces help build community and ease the pain of loss. 

Visit our Events Calendar to see if a group is currently meeting near you and plan to attend.


Care and Support – Close to Home

Whether it’s an evening at a ball game, a discussion group, an afternoon picnic by the lake, a group bike ride or Sunday brunch your TAPS family is never far away. Whenever we gather together, we find profound comfort and a community we know will be forever present with support and love. 

As we approach the holiday season and look to the New Year, we hope to see you at one or more of our many family gatherings. 

Our national and regional seminars bring us together during the year. Between those times, we can stay connected in our towns and neighborhoods. TAPS is here for all the days, nights, weekends, and moments that make up your new and unexpected life. Spending them with fellow survivors brings strength as we move forward. It is a special gift we can unwrap any time of year. Join us as we share this journey—together.


Continue to check your email and our website for upcoming TAPS Together opportunities. If you’re a TAPS Peer Mentor interested in helping facilitate a gathering, email Community Relations.