You’re Not Alone: Connections Across the Seasons

Author: Zaneta Gileno

Grief is not convenient or courteous.  It has no problem making itself known during holidays or on the weekends.  As we move forward into the season of holidays, closed businesses and inconsistent schedules, know that you can always count on TAPS to be standing by to wrap you in comfort and support. 

Survivors Chat at Suicide Seminar

The final pieces are coming together for amazing programming in the new year.  There is always something to look forward to, a goal to achieve, and an opportunity to gather with your TAPS family.  When the weather closes in, either literally or figuratively, we are just a phone call away.  Our TAPS Care Groups continue to meet over the coming months, as do our online support groups.  Our 24/7 National Military Survivor Helpline staff is eager to take your call and be the listening ears that can make a dark day seem brighter. 

There are things that can get in the way and make our journey more difficult.  Often financial struggles can be unbearable or making our way through benefits paperwork can seem insurmountable.  TAPS has a dedicated staff of casework experts who are available to help.  We have built strong community partners in our rich 22-year history.  It would be our honor to assist you in getting the support you deserve. 

Peer support can make all the difference in our lives and help us see we are not alone.  We have countless TAPS family volunteers who we call Peer Mentors standing by to be matched with other survivors, to share the journey together.  If you are interested in requesting a trained TAPS Peer Mentor, please call us.  Those of us who have faced trauma and who might have a long history of loss and tribulation may need some extra support.  TAPS Community Based Care program is standing by to ensure that you receive a warm connection to grief and trauma counseling in your community.  We will vet the resource for you and get you the services that you so rightly deserve. 

As we begin to set goals for the days ahead, won't you please turn to us at TAPS to help?  Our programming includes TAPS Retreats and an Inner Warrior program.  These afford military loss survivors the chance to find others whose grief resembles their own, and also to find strengths within themselves they may never have known existed.  

During the winter months and those after, let us be a support for you and connect you to others who want to do the same.  We are a family of survivors sharing this journey together. We are so sorry for what brought you to us but are indeed glad you have found us.  You need never be alone. 

Zaneta GilenoBy Zaneta M. Gileno, LMSW, CT and Director of Community-Based Care: Zaneta is the Director of Community Based Care for TAPS where she ensures TAPS survivors are connected to grief counseling and support groups. In addition, she oversees internal professional education and external professional development and is the TAPS Clinical Advisory Board liaison.