New Partnership Supports Military Families of Toxic Exposure Deaths

Author: TAPS

TAPS, Wounded Warrior and Vietnam Veterans of America

To care for all of our families whose loved one died from toxic exposure, like Agent Orange, depleted uranium and open-air burn pits, TAPS is partnering with the Wounded Warrior Project and Vietnam Veterans of America. We hope to ensure survivors are recognized, cared for and aware of all benefits they are eligible to receive.

Through this partnership, TAPS will work to increase education about risks and effects of toxic exposure, raise awareness and help families of the fallen navigate the benefits process after their loss. To support this, TAPS will pull together all relevant legislation (past, present and pending), medical studies, court decisions, expert testimonies, literature, reports and all other forms of media and research about toxic exposure to create reference material and a foundation for future advocacy.

In addition to better educating the survivor community and public on the risks and dangers of toxic exposure, TAPS hopes this partnership will allow us to advocate for surviving military families and raise awareness to reduce the number of victims of toxic exposure in the future.

If your family suffered a loss from toxic exposure, please contact TAPS Casework at 800-959-TAPS (8277) or to confidentially share your story and help us better serve your needs. If you are interested in sharing your story with the greater TAPS family or public at large, please share that when you connect with us.