TAPS Friendsgiving

Author: TAPS

As we move further into Fall, we begin ushering in the holiday season and are reminded of the importance of family and community. This Fall, we are creating local, one day events across the country where survivors can connect and acknowledge the bittersweet nature of the holidays and the range of emotions that can come along with them. We call this TAPS Friendsgiving. Together, we will tell the stories of those who left empty seats at the table, and we will create new memories with others who understand.

Even in the imperfect grief world, we can still gather and celebrate what we know to be true - that we aren’t alone, that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, and that it does help to break bread with people who “get it.” TAPS Friendsgiving” is the same - wherever you are, you can embrace other TAPS survivors and lean into this supportive community that encourages your healing. 

Thanksgiving is a reminder that community matters; it’s an acknowledgement that it can be difficult to weather harsh seasons without relying on each other. We know that better than most. In that spirit, we hope that you’ll join us for a TAPS Friendsgiving. 

“TAPS Friendsgiving exemplifies the strength of our TAPS family, to hold each other close, to reach out a hand in fellowship, and to share our journey together. You are never alone, and this November, we are grateful for all the precious moments we are able to share with our TAPS family.” ~ TAPS President and Founder, Bonnie Carroll


How Can I Get Involved in a TAPS Friendsgiving?

  • Host a TAPS Friendsgiving

    If you would like to host a Friendsgiving gathering and bring together survivors in your area, please complete our TAPS Friendsgiving Host Interest Form. Some Friendsgiving ideas could be getting together over pie and coffee, attending your local care group and sharing holiday memories of your loved one, or hosting a traditional potluck with your favorite family recipes. You may also have other ideas to explore. We will be here to support you every step of the way! We'll list your event on our website, send email invitations to survivors in your area, and provide host support through pre-event prep Zooms with other hosts, along with 1:1 support.

  • Find a TAPS Friendsgiving

    TAPS Friendsgiving events will be held all across the country throughout the month of November. Many will be hosted by local TAPS Care Groups. Others may be hosted by survivors just like you who just want to be a part of bringing people together.  If you want to meet others in the TAPS family and find solace in knowing you aren’t alone this holiday season, we invite you to join us.

  • Share Your Friendsgiving Story

    You may want to support your local survivor community, or you may want to find a local survivor community. A Friendsgiving event is a great opportunity to do both and be part of a larger story that TAPS will be sharing across its social media channels throughout the month of November. Wherever and however you come together to mark this Thanksgiving season, we encourage you to join in by sharing photos of your event. You can tag @tapsorg (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn) or submit your photos through our TAPS Friendsgiving: Content Submission Form.

For questions about TAPS Friendsgiving, please contact us at tapstogethers@taps.org or call the TAPS Togethers team at 800.959.TAPS (8277).