A Tribute to My Mom on Mother’s Day

Author: Cameron Bowman

Mothers are the most important people in an individual's life. They greatly impact their daughters' existence. I can say this with confidence, as my own mother has done just that.

Mothers day is a dedicated 24 hours of celebration honoring the mother of a family, as well as motherhood itself and the influence of all mothers in society. In my opinion, there is not enough time to thank every mother in the world for what they have done. The ability to even acknowledge all the work my own mom has done seems implausible. But of course, I will attempt by recognizing the great strength and the success that she's accomplished with the continuance of my dad's legacy through her amazing work with TAPS. In every room she walks through, she turns heads and has the capability to calmly control everything in any given situation. The inspiration I gain from her work with TAPS has continually played an important role in the shaping of my young adult life, professionally and personally. It's with the grace of God that my mother is empowered through her dissertations and work with TAPS in remembrance of my dad.

Coleen and Cameron at gravesite

Coleen and Cameron

Coleen and Cameron on college campus

Growing up watching my mom complete all the amazing work she has done motivates me to also grow without any barriers. She has supported me through every part of my life including my passion for rowing. This experience and many others have truly allowed me to discover great things and widen my perspective. My mom has shown me, and proved, that in life, hardships can be overcome and that a losing battle can be won.

Cameron Bowman is the daughter of U.S. Army SGM Robert Bowman and Coleen Bowman, Senior Advisor, TAPS Caregiver to Survivor Program. SGM Robert Bowman died on January 13, 2013, when Cameron was 10 years old.

Photos courtesy of Cameron Bowman.