Saturday Morning Message: Finding A Sense Of Accomplishment In The New Year

Author: Carol Lane

Good Morning,

Welcome to the first Saturday Morning Message for 2021!

With the beginning of each new year, many of us begin to make plans and set goals and intentions. Although I usually don’t make resolutions, one thing I would like to do in the upcoming year is attend a TAPS seminar. I miss seeing those who are connected to TAPS and especially those of you who read the Saturday Morning Message.

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This year, TAPS will be offering both in-person and virtual seminars.  See our 2021 seminar schedule and register for these events. I hope to see some of you at a TAPS event this year, either in person or on Zoom!

Carol Lane
Mother of Bryon


Responses from Survivors to last week's question

What are you planning to start or continue to do that will give you a sense of accomplishment in the upcoming year?

From Betty, mother of Brian: I am taking all the pictures of Brian from his birth until the weekend before his death and making a book for each of his sons. They were only 3 and 6 when he died. This book will be computer generated. I also will scan pictures of certificates, awards, and other examples of what he accomplished during his lifetime. This way they can each see all their dad’s interests, like achieving a black belt in Karate and completing 100 scuba dives.

Brian started doing magazine print modeling when he was 10 years old. It was mostly for local stores in Knoxville and East Tennessee. He was the Christmas poster model for a store, Watsons, here in Knoxville one year. These posters were published in newspapers and other advertising venues. He also modeled for the store Goody’s. They did weekly ads and large catalog ads also.

When we moved to Texas, he contracted with another agency and did short video ads for local businesses. That is how he got a job as an extra in the movie, “Frequent Flyer”.

I feel that in this way the boys can learn what an awesome man their dad was.

From Elizabeth, spouse of Joseph: Since I moved to my new apartment a few weeks ago, the only thing on the wall is a kitchen clock. For me, deciding where to hang things and getting someone to do the work would feel like a major accomplishment. Making decisions like that was something my husband always did. I definitely do not have his ability to visualize things.

From Virginia, mother of Patrick: In March, I got another puppy and have been enjoying training her in agility and Barn Hunt along with my older dog Sam.

I was furloughed in April due to COVID-19. By the time they called me back to work in August, I had decided to retire. I turned 68 in August -what was I waiting for?

Retirement has also allowed me to ride my horse more often. I’ve made some new riding buddies and have enjoyed riding with them.

My husband retires in January, so hopefully we can travel! We have been offered the use of a house in Scotland for a week this summer!

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Question for Next Week’s Saturday Morning Message 

For some, wearing their loved ones' precious items brings comfort. What items do you keep close to you?

Elizabeth, spouse of Joseph sent this week’s question. Elizabeth wrote, “Joe’s wedding ring is on a chain on my neck. I use his flannel shirt as a house coat. For several years before Joe died, I started using his tee shirts as summer nightgowns. A man's 2x tall shirt is great for a 5'3" me. I kept three or four shirts, so I'm all set. At some time, Joe bought a replacement for the "boonie hat" he had in Vietnam. I wore it every day on my trip to Israel. It made me feel close to him; and with the strap, it didn't blow off in the breezes. A fatigue shirt is in the closet and my favorite blue plaid shirt of his is there too. The color really brought out the blue of his eyes.”

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Song for the Week

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This week a song came from Sharon, mother of Kevin, who wrote, “My favorite song is "The Father, My Son, and the Holy Ghost" by Craig Morgan. In an interview, Craig said when people ask him when his son died, his answer is, ‘For you it was three years ago, for me it was yesterday.’ It was three years on December 21, 2020, that our son died.”

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