Saturday Morning Message: Loved Ones' Items We Keep Close

Author: Carol Lane

Good Morning,

The opening picture came from Elsie, mother of Daniel. It shows the special remembrance quilts she made which you will read about in this week's response section.

Quilt made by Elsie

We received a large response to this week's question, regarding our loved ones' items that we keep nearby. So many, in fact, that we are sharing some in this week's edition of the Saturday Morning Message, but will also be sharing responses in the February Writers' Circle which will be published on February 2, 2021.

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Carol Lane
Mother of Bryon


Responses from Survivors to last week's question

For some, wearing their loved ones' precious items brings comfort. What items do you keep close to you?



From Elsie, mother of Daniel: My daughter, granddaughter, and I each wear ‘Thumbies’.  We seldom take them off. These are pendants with Daniel’s thumb print taken by the mortuary. When I’m having a hard time, I touch my Thumbie.

For Christmas 2020, I made four queen size quilts out of Daniel’s T-shirts from his various deployments and adventures. I also had photos of Daniel and photos of him and the quilt recipients printed on his white T-shirts.

From Meredith, mother of Austin: My son, Austin, loved bandannas.  He wore one every chance he had. I wear a bandanna for special occasions or on days I’m missing him and need to feel him with me. I also hang one in every car we own. We put them out at his funeral and, now, so many family members and friends now have them in their vehicles, too.

Devin's Hoodie

From Charlene, mother of Devin: I have an old hoodie that Devin had on in a picture when he was in Korea. It is old with the pockets torn, holes in it, and stretched out of shape. On the warmer days where I only need a light jacket, I love to wear it. It doesn’t quite fit but I’m just as proud to wear his tattered jacket as I am proud of my son and his service.

From Cheryl, mother of Daniel: When I need more confidence, courage, and assertiveness, I wear my son’s dog tags. I know it took courage for him to enlist and serve. So on tough days, I wear them out of sight and next to my heart so only I know. I feel close to him, and I feel his support.

Fort Sam Houston Nightshirt

From Katherine, mother of John: I have two items that I wear almost everyday. The first is a nightshirt that I received when our son, John, was in training at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas, in 1993. It has been all over the world (Moldova, Cuba, Spain, Israel, Korea, Fiji, India, Jordan, and Greece) while he was on short term mission trips

The second is a replica dog tag received at a Gold Star Mother's celebration in Santa Clarita, California. John’s original dog tag is with his stepson, Ryan, in Colorado. It is worn with my father's WWII dog tag from Guadalcanal I. Both were United States Army combat medics.

From Barbara, mother of Brian: My son, Brian, was 6'10" so not many people fit into his clothes, including me; but he had two short sleeve beach shirts that I use as beach cover-ups. I also wear a necklace with a replica of his State Police badge or a name necklace that my daughter gave him. Every day I wear a bracelet that was made honoring his service in the United States Marine Corps and the New Jersey State Police. This keeps Brian close to me at all times.


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Song for the Week

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Perry, father of Christopher, sent this week’s song which is: “Time in a Bottle sung by Jim Croce. Perry wrote, “When I heard this song after so many years it really spoke to my heart. As a father, you want to recapture those moments you once had. You wish you could save them and make them last forever. In a way our hearts have become that bottle and we do keep them forever remembering the moments that meant so much to us. It is the memories that our loved ones leave us with that make the dash all that much more important.”

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