Saturday Morning Message: Navigating Changes In Our Lives

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Good Morning TAPS Family,

As we enter this last weekend of April, we have begun to see the new growth taking place in the world around us. As flowers bloom, trees take their familiar green shape, and warmer weather greets us, we have an opportunity to explore new growth in ourselves as well. Change has knocked on our door in so many ways. While not all change feels hopeful, we can look to nature and even to our own histories for how we have accommodated past changes. In these remembrances, we can find hope in seeing how we have successfully coped with many changes throughout our lives. Together this weekend, may we all observe the changes both around and within us and take a hopeful step forward. We are all in this together - every step you take, your TAPS family is right with you!  

Cherry Blossoms Washington MallPhoto by TAPS Staff


Question for the Week

Some changes blindside us, while others are chosen. Some we fight against, while others we embrace.

How have you been able to navigate the changes in your life?

Thank you for your willingness to share your thoughts with all of us in the Saturday Morning Message! As you lean into these questions with courage and transparency, you are growing the foundation of support that is TAPS - and we are so grateful for you.

Much Love, 


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Responses to last week's question

April is National Volunteer Month. As we honor our fallen heroes at TAPS, we also acknowledge those survivors who give of themselves as Peer Mentors and Legacy Mentors.

In what ways do you give back as a volunteer?

From Liz, Spouse of Joseph: Once the pandemic eases, I'll be back to my Monday morning volunteering at the local Vet Center. Answering the phone and making reminder calls isn't much, but it lessens the work for the employees. I also knit lap robes for the Rhode Island Veterans Home and prayer shawls for the hospice facility where my Joe died.


A Special Note

Patricia, Mother of Christopher, sent in a special note about a response shared by Sandra, Mother of Josh, to our recent nature question in our April 17 Saturday Morning Message:

Dear Sandra,

I just wanted you to know how touched I was by your memory of Josh in your backyard. Your words were so soothing and peaceful....a real reflection of your spirit. Thank you for sharing. Joshua’s light still shines for sure.




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Other Items and Events of Interest

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TAPS recognizes the urgent need to support families who have lost a military loved one after having been a caregiver. The leading cause of death of our military loved ones is reported by survivors to be illness, but we know there are many survivors that experienced a loss after having cared for a loved one who was traumatically injured or diseased as well. 

At TAPS we understand, and we’re here to support our survivors as they navigate a grief journey that may have begun even before the death of your loved one. And, we are mindful of the differences present when someone has been a caregiver before they have transitioned to a survivor. The Caregiver to Survivor Program was developed with this in mind. 

We invite you to explore our resources and encourage you to reach out for support and take advantage of this exciting new program. 

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Join with other caregivers who supported their loved one through a devastating illness. Honor and share your loved one, the emotions, issues and challenges facing bereaved caregivers. Regardless of the circumstance or geography of the death, you are welcome in the TAPS Caregiver Support Chat. 

Caregiver to Survivor Chat
Wednesday, May 19
8:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. Eastern
We hope to see you there!

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You can discover all the opportunities to connect with your TAPS Family on our website at the TAPS Event Calendar.

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If your military loved one suffered with a wound, illness, or injury, please consider taking our new Illness Loss Survivor Survey, so TAPS can honor your loved one through our advocacy efforts. 

If you took the survey last year, we ask that you retake it as we've made important updates. Your response could help shape policy and legislation, and direct future TAPS programs and services. To learn more, email

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