Saturday Morning Message: Continuing Our Loved Ones' Habits

Author: Carol Lane

Good Morning,

In my area of the country, fall is coming. This week’s question, combined with the leaves beginning to change color, made me think of a habit I still do that started with my son, Bryon, playing football in high school. Although I didn’t know much about the sport before he decided to play, I learned the names of many plays and what each player was supposed to do from going to his games. As a family, we would watch our favorite team on television and eat popcorn. Now, every fall, I get ready and watch at least one weekend football game on television.

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In this week’s Saturday Morning Message response section, other survivors have shared about the habits their loved ones had. I know you will enjoy learning more about these special people.  

Carol Lane
Mother of Bryon

Responses from Survivors to last week's question

What habits did your loved one have that you still remember? And, do you continue any of them today? 


Christopher asleep

From Perry, father of Christopher: It is funny when I think of the one habit Christopher had. He could fall asleep anywhere at any time. It would be in some of the most unusual positions at that. I told him I would use this as blackmail when he got older. I have a picture of him sleeping at my father’s home before he went to Iraq and he sent me this photo from Iraq to show that old habits die hard. He was kind of a sleepy head, because there were never enough hours in the day.

From Kelsey, mother of Michael: My son always called me Momma-san. I called him Ojisan which means uncle. We both loved Japanese culture. I would love to hear him say Momma-san one more time.

From Elizabeth, spouse of Joseph: I've continued folding towels the only way Joe liked.  Living for 47 years with someone who had trouble with lots of scents, means I still can only use unscented deodorant and Tide detergent. A few months after Joe died, I won a small bottle of Chanel Number 5 cologne that I always loved pre-Joe. I tried wearing it a couple of times and ended up giving it away. 

From Sandra, mother of Joshua: My son would buy his two young daughters donuts and orange juice for breakfast as a special treat. I did not know this until after Josh passed away. I was talking to my youngest grandchild about her daddy and she started sobbing uncontrollably. It was heartbreaking. I hugged my granddaughter tight and pulled her into my lap. My granddaughter said that whenever she went to visit her daddy, he would buy donuts and orange juice for breakfast and she missed it so much. I told her that I would do the same and it calmed her. Papa and Grandma buy donuts and orange juice for the girls now and our grandchildren still get excited every single time.

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Question for Next Week’s Saturday Morning Message 

The question this week comes from the TAPS Facebook page. Sharing positive quotes can encourage us to do the best we can each day. Let’s share our favorite ones, so the question this week is: What is your favorite quote or phrase and how has that served as a reminder to stay positive during these challenging times? We look forward to reading your responses. 

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