Saturday Morning Message: Healing Through Gardening

Author: Carol Lane

Good Morning

The flowers in the opening picture are daylilies from my garden. The daylily is an amazing plant. It goes through the coldest winters in the northern part of our country and even a spring without much rain. Then one day you look out the window and see the beautiful flowers.

Carol's garden flowers

They remind me of the survivors at TAPS. We go through the toughest circumstances anyone can face, but when the time comes, we open our hearts and show the love we have for other survivors in a sparkling beauty even when we can’t give an actual hug. Flowers are a treat we can give each other especially when we are down and you can take them to others when they are in need. Enjoy the pictures of the plants and the thoughts the survivors wrote in response to last week’s question about their favorite plants.

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Carol Lane
Mother of Bryon


Responses from Survivors to last week's question

What is your favorite plant in your indoor or outdoor garden?

Kelsey's garden flowers

From Kelsey, mother of Michael:

My favorite flower is hydrangea. I love the large round blooms and the color variations.

Sandra's garden flowers

From Sandra, mother of Joshua:

My favorite plant is my new plant and it is called a Trailing Lantana. The trailing plant has little ridged green leaves with petite white flowers. While it looks delicate, it is hardy and can withstand six or more hours of sun. Without thinking, I planted the tiny Lantana in a most vulnerable spot of the garden, but the plant is flourishing even in the summer heat and brutal rain. Another older Lantana has grown larger and hovers over the Trailing Lantana and shades it while protecting it from the elements. I have been watering and nurturing the Trailing Lantana and my new plant is now securely rooted into the soil, has grown quite lush and has become stronger.

Annette's garden flowers

From Annette, mother of Joseph:

This is my favorite plant. Joe planted it for me many years ago. It is a very small lilac bush. I can still see him planting it with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and done in a minute. He worked for a landscaper, so he planted so many beautiful specimens for me. This year were the most amazing blooms.  We have a large backyard and the lilac bush is on a hill. When I walked outside the whole back smelled of lilacs. I was so happy. I had a very vivid dream of Joe the first night I smelled it. For a few minutes after I woke up, I thought he was alive. Then it hit me. I went down to get coffee. My grandson was sleeping over. I looked out and there was a beautiful red cardinal. We were both so excited. A pair of cardinals were around every morning for the next few days. I have no doubt who was here!

Question for Next Week’s Saturday Morning Message 

If you were to write a book honoring your loved one's life, what would be the title and why?

Many of us have found reading helpful now that we are spending more time at home, so I thought this would be an interesting question: If you were to write a book honoring your loved one's life, what would be the title and why? We look forward to your responses. 

The Saturday Morning Message was created so survivors can share questions and read how others respond. Questions for future messages are always welcome. You can reply to this message or email In order to have your reply included the following week, it is best to send your response by Tuesday morning. Thank you to everyone responding this week and those who read this message.

♫ Song for the Week

This week’s song is from Shelton, father of Adam, who wrote, “I don't like country music, but 'Be My Baby Tonight' by John Michael Montgomery is a favorite of mine. When Adam was a little boy, we used to sing this song together with his sisters. We used to jump up and down laughing and singing at the top of our lungs. So, when I hear this song it makes me think of those moments with Adam.”

You can send me favorite songs for this song of the week section at and include a note about why the song is meaningful to you.

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