National Coffee Day

Author: TAPS

Our partners at Starbucks have been an integral part of supporting the TAPS mission by providing safe and friendly spaces for our Care Groups and TAPS Togethers.  They offer the extra love and care as survivors connect with others in their local communities. 

On National Coffee Day, we give a huge TAPS Family thank you to Starbucks and their staff at locations around the country for their hospitality, for providing survivors a comforting place to meet and for their own mission to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.




“I’ve had the honor of hosting several TAPS Togethers at the Starbucks in Quincy, Illinois. From the very first time our small group met, the staff went above and beyond to  welcome us and make everyone feel comfortable. We were given a table in the back  corner where we would have privacy to chat. The staff would check on us and make  sure we had everything we needed. Jenna even did a coffee tasting and food pairing for us on two different occasions. We always appreciated the love and support they showed us. Thank you, Starbucks for all you do for families of the fallen!" ~ Anna Keithley, Surviving sister of Cpl. Robert J. Steinbrecher, U.S. Marine Corps, Veteran

“My first TAPS gathering I attended was at my local Starbucks. I was 7 months out from the death of my fiancé and I couldn't bring myself to go to a grief support group or even talk about his death. I knew I needed help but was too scared to walk into a counselor's office. Meeting at a Starbucks was an idea I was comfortable with because I know Starbucks! I go to Starbucks daily! I felt so comfortable that even if I went and I wasn't ready to stay, I knew it would be a safe space for me to be." ~ Chantel Dooley, Surviving fiancée of Capt. Alex J. Stanton, U.S. Air Force