Saturday Morning Message: Educational webinars on grief and loss

Author: Carol Lane

Good morning,

Webinars from the TAPS Institute for Hope and Healing are one of our many gifts to survivors. They can be really helpful while dealing with grief. Our live webinars are archived for those who aren't able to watch them in real time. Live ones usually include a text chat with time to ask questions of the presenter. The archived ones can be paused in case you can’t watch the whole presentation at once.  

The picture today comes from those archives and shows the webinar “Meditation for Coping with Difficult Emotions.” In it, TAPS Advisory Board member Heather Stang talks about meditation techniques to help when the emotions of grief overtake us. Use this link to browse the full archive of TAPS Webinars.

Heather Stang webinar

Debby, spouse of Thomas, wrote, “I hope others have discovered the extremely beneficial resource that TAPS offers to our survivor community. It’s a hidden gem and I know from my own personal experience how much it has helped me along in my personal grief journey. The webinars cover various topics on coping and other aspects of how to manage various special occasions.” 

Debby is looking forward to the November 20 titled “So Much Has Changed: Managing Secondary Losses During the Holidays.” You can register now to attend it. 

Other upcoming live seminars:

You can register now to attend them. More information on the TAPS Institute for Hope and Healing can be found online.

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Carol Lane
Mother of Bryon


Question for Next Week’s Saturday Morning Message

Bonnie, mother of Andrew, sent this question, “Sometimes my dreams have my son in them but not always, and often they are so convoluted with so many experiences and people from my life. I often remember them for a while after I wake up, but sometimes I just want to forget them. Other times I am happy for the dreams.” 

The question this week is: What are your dream experiences? We look forward to reading your responses. 

Questions are the  backbone of the Saturday Morning Message. In order to keep the Saturday Morning Message fresh, I am looking for more questions. If you have questions or topics you would like to see addressed in the Saturday Morning Message, you can email me at I directly receive all responses that are sent to this address. Replies to the weekly question are best sent to me by Tuesday morning. You are an important part of this message, and I look forward to your questions or any ideas you may have.



♫ Song for the Week

Elizabeth, spouse of Joseph, sent in the song for this week. Elizabeth wrote, “My husband Joe was crazy about babies and loved to sing "I Love You a Bushel and a Peck" to them. When he was a hospice patient and it was obvious his death would be any minute, our youngest daughter decided we should sing that to him. He took about two more breaths after we started and died peacefully. I had not understood before that it’s a privilege to be with someone you love who’s dying. The song was very comforting to all of us who were there.”

You can send me favorite songs for this song of the week section at

Other Items and Events of Interest

Arlington Cemetery family at headstone

Join us on Memorial Day Weekend, May 28 to 30, for our 27th Annual National Military Survivor Seminar! We will be live streaming all of our general sessions with guest speakers.

Important Note: In-person registration is still open, but we are in a waitlist situation due to COVID occupancy restrictions in the State of Virginia. 

If you have any questions, email or call our Helpline at 202.588.TAPS (8277).

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