Saturday Morning Message: Angelversary Ideas

Author: Carol Lane

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Questions are the backbone of the Saturday Morning Message. In order to keep the Saturday Morning Message fresh, I am looking for more questions. If you have questions or topics you would like to see addressed, you can email me at I directly receive all responses that are sent to this address. In addition to replies that are placed in the message, I also look for thoughts you have. You can write to me anytime just to communicate or if you have thoughts on what could make the Saturday Morning Message more helpful. Replies to the weekly question are best sent to me by Tuesday afternoon. You are an important part of this message, and I look forward to your questions or any ideas you may have.


Question for Next Week’s Saturday Morning Message 

Janae, mother of Brandonsent the question for the week. Janae wrote, “It will be eight years this July, and it still feels like yesterday. I know time kind of stands still for us, and we all grieve differently. It changes us all, not bad or good, we are just different.” She would like to know how it’s changed others, so the question is: How has the loss of your loved one changed you? We look forward to your response.

Song for the Week

Janae also sent the song for this week, which is “Gone Away” sung by Five Finger Death Punch. Janae writes, “Five Finger Death Punch was one of Brandon’s favorite bands so we shared that, and I go to their concerts when I can and also take something of Brandon’s with me. The song mentions a lot of things we all probably do like ‘leaving flowers on your grave to show I still care’ and heaven is so far away.” 

Answers from Survivors

From Leslie, mother of Eugene: The first year you are told is the worst. You get through all the first events and holidays without your most precious loved one. You miss them so much and fight that hole in your heart. Might I suggest you make a new memory on that anniversary? You might want to ask friends and relatives to send you a note or postcard telling you something about your loved one, which you will save in a new box. Concentrate on the time you had and not the death. I wish you an easy day.

From Anne, mother of Michael: On my son Michael's anniversary, I reflect on him as the man that he was and celebrate his life. It is not always easy to do, but I keep on trying. I also find that if I can do something to help others it also helps me with my loss.

From Thais, mother of Dwayne: Dwayne died May 7, a few days before Mother's Day. I take the day off from work. I spend that day as my Mother's Day with him in my thoughts.

From Joanne, mother of William: On my son’s first angelversary, we had a party in his honor. We grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and asked everyone to bring a side and drinks. We told them that they could bring balloons. I went and got 24 balloons. We passed around a Sharpie so that anyone who wanted could write a message to him (of course I got a special one for me). At the same time of day that we were notified, we released the balloons. We sat around our little fire pit before and after we let the balloons go and told stories about him. Yes, we all laughed and cried, but it felt good to share memories of him.

From Merry, mother of Wesley: What do I do on my loved one's angelversary? That's quite easy — I attend the TAPS National Military Suicide Survivor Seminar because it falls on Wes' death date. What better place to be than with TAPS friends/family! I can't stress enough how much it helps to be with people who understand.

From Michele, mother of Stephen: The first year of our son’s anniversary, we had a Mass intention said for him, went out to the cemetery to put flowers on his grave and went out to dinner to celebrate his life. As the years have passed, we still do a Mass intention, put flowers on his grave, and yep, we still go to dinner to celebrate his life. On his birthday, I make his special dinner and sing happy birthday to him with a cake and candle. It is always nice to celebrate his life that was once part of this family, as his spirit still lives on. We just do what is best for us to remember this day. It has to be what makes us feel good remembering our loved one on that day. I think our loved ones are just happy that they are never forgotten and continue to live in our hearts forever. 

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