Join us for Seminars, Retreats in 2019

Author: Lalaine Estella

Registration is open for TAPS Regional and National Military Survivor Seminars, Good Grief Camps and other opportunities for gathering with fellow survivors in the New Year. TAPS will be hosting seminars and retreats in states across the country including Alaska, Texas, Colorado, Virginia, California, Ohio, Florida, Arizona and New Jersey. 

Seminar AttendeesPhoto: John Korossy

TAPS seminars bring surviving family members together for sharing, growth and healing after a military loss.  There is an event for everyone at a TAPS seminar—whether you are newly bereaved, or have been without your loved one for many years. Surviving family members at all stages of the grief journey have the space and encouragement to process their grief and connect with others who have walked in their shoes.

Programming for our national and regional seminars is designed to meet you where you are in your grief journey. We provide a safe, inclusive environment filled with meaningful workshops led by world-renowned grief experts and peer professionals. In a rich learning environment, we focus on goal setting and thoughtful ways to connect with peers. Our hope is to provide you with tools, skills, and the knowledge that comes from knowing you are not alone.

Seminar AttendeesPhoto: Todd McLaren

Each adult seminar has a Good Grief Camp for our youngest survivors. Children and teens at the seminar can attend the Camp to learn how to cope with their loss of a loved one who served in the Armed Forces. Experts in the fields of child development, mental health and education help the children and young adults process their grief and embrace healing through games, crafts and other age-appropriate activities. Each child will be partnered with a specially trained TAPS Military Mentor who provides companionship and support during the seminar and beyond. Survivor children will come to know they are understood and never alone.  They will leave Good Grief Camp knowing they are part of our nation’s living legacy of service and sacrifice. 

TAPS retreats take place over several days and focus on creating connection and community through physical activity. Retreats are rated by adventure level: recreational, which includes light intensity activities such as yoga and horseback riding; active, which includes moderate physical activities such as kayaking and cross-country skiing; and challenging, which includes high intensity activities such as whitewater rafting and skydiving. 


Survivors Share Their Experience

“I was able to attend the national seminar in D.C., where I met so many other survivors. It was amazing. That experience really helped with my will to move forward and ultimately helped me process my grief, with which I still struggle,” said Larry Baruwa, who attended the 2018 National Military Survivor Seminar. 

“We attended the 2016 national seminar and think of it almost daily. Such an amazing event with groups for every possible scenario. There was even a group for those lost by murder. On the way to the group, I commented to my husband that we would probably be the only ones there. There were quite a few people suffering the same type loss and it was very helpful,” said Annette Bitet, who attended the 2016 National Military Survivor Seminar. 

“Even in sharing the deepest sorrow, we can find the joy of being seen and finding a place where we belong with one another,” said Marilyn Weisenberg, who attended the 2017 Texas Regional Seminar and Good Grief Camp in Austin.


Registration Open

Registration is open for the following 2019 events:

Please check our events calendar frequently as we are always updating information about our 2019 TAPS retreats, family camps, expeditions and special events.