TAPS Partners with Broadway Musical Bandstand on Film Release

Author: TAPS

TAPS is proud to join with the Broadway musical Bandstand  as it returns to theaters November 15 and 19. The 2017 Tony Award-winning production was selected by FATHOM Events for rerelease in hundreds of theaters across the country. TAPS will appear in the pre- and post-show footage of every screening. Bandstand  has been an ongoing partner for TAPS and supported TAPS continuing mission to provide comfort and care to the families of America’s fallen military heroes.

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Set in 1945, Bandstand  tells the story of five World War II veterans who return home to rebuild their lives. Each man confronts his struggles in isolation until one of them, a singer and pianist named Donny Novitski, identifies the others’ musical gifts and enlists them to form a band. The group is reluctantly joined by Julia, a beautiful vocalist and surviving spouse, who is grieving the loss of her husband in the Pacific. After a few performances, the band realizes its music not only is striking a chord with audiences but also has the power to help each of them face the impossible.

Bandstand  is a powerful and moving story that reminds all who see it of the extraordinary sacrifices our military heroes and their families make in service to our country,” said Bonnie Carroll, president and founder of TAPS.

In the spring of 2017, a select group of TAPS survivors and staff had the privilege of attending a live performance of Bandstand  on Broadway. In June, another group of TAPS survivors and staff attended the film premiere of Bandstand. During the receptions following these shows, the invited TAPS families mingled with Bandstand’s  cast and crew.