We Find Our Strength Together

Author: TAPS

Our TAPS family makes memories beyond the seminars and retreats, in small towns and big cities, in communities across America. We enjoy family meals and experience new adventures together. We come together for TAPS Care Groups or to attend sporting events or to take in special events of all sorts.

We call these opportunities to be with our new found friends “TAPS Togethers,” one-day events in communities across the country bringing surviving military families together in relaxed, casual settings — an evening at the ball game, an afternoon picnic by the lake, breakfast at your local VFW, a group bike ride, a visit to a local museum, brunch on Sunday or just about any way you can imagine being with friends and spending time.

TAPS Togethers

TAPS Togethers allow you to get to know other surviving military family members who live close to you and who understand what it’s like to lose someone whose life included selfless service in the armed forces. We find our strength together.

We’ve been right in your community since 1994, and we’re excited to hear your plans for TAPS Togethers in your area. Our goal for 2018 is to have over 1,000 TAPS Togethers, and we’d love your help in reaching that goal. Just think of an activity in your area that would be affordable to do (get a local restaurant to sponsor a meal, ask a local museum to donate free admission for surviving families, see if a venue will donate tickets to a show or send us a proposal if there’s a cost associated, and we’ll do our best to find a sponsor for you!). Then, tell us the date and time and give us information about the event, and we’ll invite all the surviving families we know in the local area. It’s that simple.

Continue to check your email and taps.org for upcoming opportunities. If you’re a TAPS Peer Mentor interested in helping facilitate an outing or event, please email communityrelations@taps.org