Book Shelf: “I Wasn’t Ready to Say Goodbye”

Author: TAPS

By Brook Noel and Pamela D. Blair, Ph.D.
Reviewed by TAPS Peer Mentor Karen Connell

Book Review

My family therapist through the VA gave me the book, "I Wasn't Ready to Say Goodbye: Surviving, Coping and Healing After the Sudden Death of a Loved One.” I really wish I had read this book earlier.

Authors Brook Noel and Pamela D. Blair, Ph.D. have both experienced loss and trauma in their lives, and they used their experience to write a book that can resonate with anyone who has lost a loved one. Noel’s brother died of anaphylactic shock after he was stung by a yellow jacket, despite having no history of allergies. She didn't feel ready for group therapy. Instead, she looked for books about coping with sudden death and couldn’t find any. She wrote this book so others would have a resource on grief at the time of their loss.

Co-author Pam D. Blair’s ex-husband died suddenly from a brain aneurysm, leaving behind their 12-year-old son. Blair believes in the power of story to heal. She writes, "We become supportive as we relate and recognize each other's pain. A sense of community and acceptance is vital to our spiritual and emotional healing.”

Isn't this what TAPS is all about?

This book covers subjects including the moment we’re informed of our loved one’s death, myths we face, self-help, therapy and grief recovery. “I Wasn’t Ready to Say Goodbye” can apply to all grief journeys.

I always keep extra copies of this book, ready to share with anyone traveling this awful journey of grief and loss. This could be a book you suggest to mentees or other survivors you come into contact with throughout your journey as a TAPS Peer Mentor.

You can purchase “I Wasn’t Ready to Say Goodbye” online.