5 Ways to Honor the Fallen This Memorial Day

Author: Kelly Griffith

Honor the Fallen

This Memorial Day, there will be barbecues and pool parties. There will be visits to the beach. Glasses raised in friendship and celebrations of a season of fun. And yet, it is also a time of year when we are reminded to remember. Here are some ways you can get involved and honor all those who have served and died in addition to enjoying summer’s unofficial start. 

1. Gift a Klinger book to your local library or elementary school.

Memorial Day is more than just a day off of school. This Memorial Day, you can share the true meaning of Memorial Day. Klinger the Caisson Horse has his own book and action figure. You can purchase it at the TAPS Online Store and present it as a special gift to your local library or elementary school, and join in a special story time to read with the children.

2. Use #GratefulNation.

Families of America’s fallen military hear the words “On behalf of a grateful nation” when they are presented with a folded flag. This Memorial Day through July 4, you can share a photo and the story of your hero on the digital TAPS Memorial Hero Wall. Or use #GratefulNation and share a special photo this Memorial Day weekend on Instagram or Twitter.

3. Attend a Memorial Day event.

Head out to a parade. Take part in a fundraiser to support families of America’s fallen military. Whether your neighborhood is volunteering together or you are walking in a memorial march, get out and show your support.

4. Use the Facebook frame.

Log into Facebook and head over to the TAPS page to check out the special Memorial Day frame. You can add it to your profile photo. It defaults to being your chosen frame for one week, but you have the option of making it your permanent profile photo.

5. Incorporate the stories of our fallen service members into your unofficial summer kickoff.

Having a backyard barbecue? That is perfectly OK. Enjoy the pool. Our fallen heroes would want you to enjoy these freedoms they served to defend. There are ways though that you can make these everyday American pleasures mean more.

Consider setting out a photo of a local fallen hero with his or her story, and encourage guests to honor him or her by volunteering or donating to TAPS. Have a list displayed of names of fallen from your community. Designate an empty chair at the table to honor a fallen hero. Honor heroes with a toast or blessing.  

Diving into summer at the pool? Consider doing a “laps for TAPS” challenge in honor of a local fallen hero that gets the community involved by raising funds and awareness for TAPS. Or keep it among family and friends and challenge yourselves to swim a set number of laps or distance in memory of fallen heroes.