Heading Off to College?

Author: TAPS

TAPS Education Support Services is proud to launch the education care packages for incoming college freshmen. Similar in look and feel to TAPS Survivor Resource Kits sent to families after the loss of their loved ones, these care packages will be specific to surviving children and siblings headed off to college.

Education Care Packages

The care packages will include a variety of items for young adults, including a TAPS Education Resource Report — a specialized document with information on the various benefits the survivor will receive, information about on-campus supports available at the survivor’s university or college, information on the school certifying official and other programs for which he or she qualifies.

Also included in the care package is a variety of fun and useful items to help the student get started at college while still honoring his or her loved one. Take notes for class or write about the emotions of experiencing college in a special TAPS journal that has a place for your loved one’s photo. Take your TAPS family with you and decorate your space with a TAPS picture frame. Break out the TAPS Tervis tumbler for those late nights of coffee and studying with classmates.

Fill out a short form to request your TAPS Education Care PackageBoxes will be available through Aug. 15. As there are limited quantities available at this time, care packages will only be offered to surviving children and siblings heading into their freshman year of college in 2017.

If you have questions about the care package or any education benefits, please contact TAPS Education Support Services at education@taps.org or 800-959-TAPS (8277).