Peer Mentors are Always By Your Side

Author: TAPS

Peer connections are at the heart of TAPS, and our Peer Mentor program makes that possible. Peer Mentors are survivors 18 months past their loss who walk alongside those newer to grief to provide a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. Peer Mentors and their mentees across the country connect in person, on the phone, and through emails and texts.

TAPS Peer mentors

As always, our Peer Mentors are dedicated to being a constant source of support to their mentees, showing patience and understanding in all situations. "Just a few days ago I answered my phone, and it was a mentor that I have avoided for almost a year. I do not usually like talking out loud about my brother's death because it makes it too real, but she never gave up and kept calling and for that I am grateful," a TAPS survivor said.

Our Peer Mentor program is expanding! More than 90 survivors attended both in-person and online training to gain tools and resources about companionship. Our growing Peer Mentor network allows more survivors to know they are never alone on this grief journey.

Peer Mentor TrainingIn 2017, there will be an increased emphasis on connecting Peer Mentors with each other for team building and lessons learned.  The need for more trained Peer Mentors is growing as our TAPS family grows. We are so grateful for those who have found the strength to "pay it forward" by joining the Peer Mentor circle of hope.

If you need someone to walk alongside you during this journey, or if you're ready to give back to another survivor, visit to learn more.

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