Reclaim Feelings of Well-being With New TAPS Initiative

Author: TAPS

TAPS knows that strength for the journey is an important way we can help and inspire each other. We are proud that 2016 heralds the start of the TAPS Health & Wellness Initiative, a multi-dimensional program aimed at empowering survivors to reclaim feelings of wholeness and well-being. Our focus is on motivating and coaching survivors to feel seen, understood and healthy at the core – to facilitate experiences where purpose, life and personal strength intersect.

Exercising at Gym

Eventually, this program will encompass six dimensions of whole-person wellness, but our early focus is on the intersections of spiritual, emotional, physical and social health. As we retrain the mind, body and spirit, we open up possibility that presents new challenges to believe investments in self and others are worth it. We’re starting programs for all fitness and mobility levels, from survivors who have never run a single step to those who are ready for a triathlon or orienteering race challenge.

Our 2016 program asks you to find and connect with your Inner Warrior, the part of you that’s committed not just to surviving, but to thriving. Together, we’ll step out of our comfort zones and back into the world. We’ll build strength, resolve and courage for daily life and exceptional adventures.

Whether you’re ready to join us on the course, if you’re joining us at a Regional Seminar in 2016, you’ll have a chance to experience a little bit of what finding your Inner Warrior is all about. Get more information about what to expect and how to get involved.

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