Casework Helps Survivors Move Mountains

Author: TAPS

No two stories of military loss are the same. And no two TAPS families deal with the aftermath of grief in the same way. Many of us face mountains of benefit paperwork at a time when we still struggle to face the day. Perhaps your benefits are delayed, and you are facing financial struggles. Whatever the situation, TAPS Casework is there to offer you help as you navigate complex processes and unfamiliar requirements.

National Military Seminar Casework Station

Access to benefits is not all that TAPS helps make possible for our survivors. In partnership with public and charitable organizations, we are also able to ensure that every survivor receives financial support if they need it. Sometimes this assistance comes in the form of a miracle and other times just a helpful nudge in the right direction when you need it most.

Aaron Brodsky and SurvivorThe dedicated and experienced Casework team is standing by to deliver support and assistance to all of our survivors. One mom said, "Services from the TAPS Casework program have helped fulfill many miracles for my family. After the loss of my son, we had some terrible struggles, but your casework staff helped us figure out all the paperwork. Please know that we are so grateful."

In 2016, TAPS Casework Support Services assisted survivors in obtaining more than $1.2 million in retroactive benefits from the VA, DFAS and Office of Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance (OSGLI). In addition, TAPS Casework Support Services has connected survivors to transportation assistance, liaised obtaining copies of records, emergency resources, relocation assistance, financial counseling, health and dental care, any many other areas of need.  

You can find Casework Support Services at the TAPS National and Regional Survivor Seminars, or you can contact us at 800-959-8277 or