The Strength In Our Stars

Author: TAPS

In the past week, the Gold Star Family community has lost 3 precious souls, while a 4th fights for life. We who have mourned so greatly the losses of loved ones already, feel the depths of grief and the senseless inequity of tragedy renewed. In the wake of wounds reopened by Chattanooga, these added hurts seem relentless in their distribution and pace. We ask all for your continued support and prayers. In time, it is promised by those who have traveled this journey, there will be smiles again where tears were shed. And this unique blended family, forged by the loss of our heroes, will be ever stronger in its foundation of love.

Heart Stars

Greg, Alex, and Destiny, your Gold Stars now add luster to the heavens while your legacy remains as glitter upon our hearts.

To anyone needing extra support during this time, TAPS is here as always 24/7 to listen and help.  Call us anytime, any hour at 1-800-959-TAPS.