Military Mentors Available for all Surviving Children

Author: TAPS

Through the TAPS Military Mentor Program, TAPS connects grieving military children with individual military mentors - service members from every branch of the Armed Forces who volunteer their time to provide individual support. Children connect to their mentors at the TAPS Good Grief Camps, which are held throughout the year all across the country.

Good Grief Camp Mentor and Kid

The goal of the program is to provide children with lasting relationships while maintaining their connection to the military life they knew and giving them coping skills and support systems.

When a need arises for a connection beyond the relationship established at the TAPS Good Grief Camp or in a location around the country where a TAPS camp isn't convenient for the family, TAPS will soon begin partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) to find the right connection through the BBBS Military Mentor Program (MMP). BBBS has expanded their extraordinary network of care to include children of the fallen and provide tailored support to these children.

Like TAPS, the BBBS mentor program also engages active duty, reserve or retired/separated military personnel, as well as civilians as volunteer mentors. The BBBS staff carefully matches adult mentors and youth mentees in long-term, one-to-one friendships and provides professional support for the volunteers, children and families throughout the life of the match.

This new partnership between TAPS and Big Brothers Big Sisters will mean that a mentor for your child is just a phone call away. It's free of charge to you and provided through organizations with decades of experience providing the very best support to military surviving children. To learn more or request a mentor for your child, please call TAPS at 800-959-TAPS (8277) or email