Strength Through Communication

Author: TAPS

Keeping in Touch

Members of a family don’t always live near each other. Miles may physically separate us, yet we carry the comforting knowledge that our loved ones are always close at heart. The same can be said of the TAPS family. Our homes are spread across the nation, and even across the globe. But when our grief weighs heavy, we know our TAPS family is there to provide an encouraging word, a lift of the spirit, and hope for the journey. We link together on the vital lifeline of care, understanding, and support.

Magazine Covers

Our family reunions at national and regional seminars provide times for fellowship, hugs, smiles, and stories. But between those in-person encounters, TAPS extends the loving atmosphere with special messages, publications, and online forums to inform, uplift, and sustain us as the journey continues.

Special Messages
TAPS sends messages of care and remembrance to your email inbox on holidays, anniversary dates, and significant milestones to offer you the comfort in knowing you are not alone. A weekly Saturday message shares survivor stories and experiences on specific discussion topics.

TAPS Magazine
Arriving in your mailbox each quarter, TAPS Magazine shares articles from grief professionals and survivors, offering information about grief, insight into surviving, and ideas for coping. Highlights of TAPS news and events keep you connected throughout the year.

TAPS Website
The TAPS website is available 24/7, providing information and access to the event calendar, photo albums, blogs, survivor stories, chat rooms, message boards, peer group sites, TAPS Magazine archives, and more.

Peer Mentor Newsletter
TAPS peer mentors represent the foundation of TAPS: survivors helping survivors heal. Through quarterly e-newsletters, monthly chat sessions, and an ongoing discussion site, peer mentors are able to share with each other and gain new insights as they mentor. TAPS recognizes that mentors are still traveling the grief journey, and we provide outlets for them to share experiences and perspectives as long-term survivors.

Caregiving Partners
TAPS also recognizes the need to share information across the wider community to include those who are committed to caring for grieving families and loved ones. Our care partners, volunteers, and supporters work together to provide a comprehensive network to reach a greater number of survivors.

Military Partners
Our military partners and their casualty offices focus daily on their honorable work to assist families who are facing the heartache of loss. Because of our Memorandums of Agreement with the branches, survivors are able to connect quickly with the grief support available through TAPS.

Keeping our military and caregiving partners informed aids them in their efforts toward the families in their care. Through electronic communication, we provide regular updates and general information to share our mission and cultivate a cooperative spirit.

Our lives have been intertwined through the experience of loss. By joining together, keeping in touch—whether sharing information, sending a note of remembrance, or exchanging stories—we strengthen our connections and form a special network of compassionate care and hope.

Make sure you stay connected to your TAPS family by letting us know when you change your email or postal address. Visit our website to update your Online Community account or email us at