Presidential Memorial Certificates

Author: Betsy Beard

The Presidential Memorial Certificate (PMC) is a gold embossed certificate signed by the current President in memory of any honorably discharged deceased veteran. This includes any service member who died while serving honorably. Its purpose is simply to honor the memory of those who have served. The certificate bears the name of the veteran along with an inscription expressing the nation's gratitude and recognition of the loved one’s service in the United States Armed Forces.

Presidential Memorial Certificate


This program was initiated in March 1962 by President John F. Kennedy and has been continued by all subsequent Presidents. The veteran being honored, however, may have died at any time in the past.


The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) administers the PMC program through the National Cemetery Administration.


Eligible recipients include the deceased veteran's next of kin and loved ones.

Eligible recipients may apply for a PMC through several avenues: US Mail, toll-free fax, or in person at any VA Regional Office. A request form is available on the National Cemetery Administration website, (VA Form 40-0247), or the recipient may simply write a signed request, including the name of the deceased veteran (DO NOT include nickname, military rank, or civilian title), name and address of the person requesting the certificate, and the number of certificates being requested. A copy of the deceased veteran's military discharge document along with a copy of the death certificate must be provided. DD1300 Report of Casualty would fulfill the documentation requirements. Send requests and supporting documentation:

By Mail:

Presidential Memorial Certificates (41A1C) 
5109 Russell Road 
Quantico, VA 22134-3903

By Toll-Free Fax:

(800) 455-7143

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