Youth Programs

Please note this program is specifically designed for survivors grieving the death of a military loved one.

Though their lives are marked by grief, young survivors at TAPS know their lives will also be marked by camaraderie, mentorship, emotional maturity, adventure and fun.

Led by experts in the fields of child development, mental health and education, TAPS Youth Programs provide safe spaces for military children to explore grief and embrace healing.

TAPS Youth Programs' Virtual Program


Our Virtual Program provides youth an opportunity to interact and connect with their bereaved peers who understand their situation as well as provide helpful resources and support to parents/guardians in order to strengthen families and your relationship with your children and teenagers.

summer family camp


What is in store virtually with TAPS Youth Programs?


  • Children's Care Group: For bereaved kids and teens ages 4 to 12, this is an opportunity to come together with peers over Zoom and share experiences, increase resources, and build a community of support.
  • Parenting Care Group: Provides a safe space for parents and guardians to share their challenges around parenting bereaved children while increasing their resources and support.
  • Teen Programming: For teens ages 13 to 18, this programming is a safe place for young survivors to express feelings, and share experiences within a virtual environment. Eligible to those teens who have experienced the death of a Military Service related parent or sibling.
  • Family Nights: This is a unique and exciting experience for the whole family to bond, learn how to cope, support each other, communicate together, and have fun.
  • Activity Booklet: These booklets provide families with an array of activity ideas that create discussion, interaction, and connection around a variety of topics related to grief, coping, and family fun. Activity Booklets are created and made available as downloadable PDFs on a monthly basis. Visit our activities page to download additional activity booklets.
  • Matching Mentor Enrollment: Offers an opportunity to get your child or teen virtually connected to a military or legacy mentor.



Mentor Matching


military mentor and taps good grief camper

military mentor and taps good grief camper

Bereaved children and teenagers who are eligible to participate in TAPS Youth Programs and Events are also eligible to be matched with a military mentor. A military mentor is someone who currently serves in the military or is a veteran and can be a caring companion and a reminder to TAPS kids that the military still cares for them. A legacy mentor is an adult who experienced the death of a military family member as a child or teenager, or who participated in and graduated from TAPS programs and is ready to support younger survivors who will follow in their path. Interaction may vary due to the mentor and your child’s/teen’s schedule and availability. Ideally, we encourage mentors to reach out virtually to their mentee at least once per month. Interactions may include social media posts, video calls, letter writing, phone calls, texting, and/or emailing. Their purpose is to be a positive role model and supportive presence in a grieving child’s or teen’s life.


Thank you to our Sponsors

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