Week 5: Amazing Race

Good Grief and Family Camp at Home: Summer Program
July 6 - August 28, 2020

Week 5: Amazing Race

Good Grief and Family Camp at Home: Summer Program
July 6 - August 28, 2020


Week 5: Amazing Race

At our TAPS Good Grief and Family Camp at Home you will have a chance to experience the wonderful activities we perform at our campouts, to get connected with your family through challenges, and to engage with others by sharing your challenge experience on social media, and coming together for a live Zoom chat and activity with your TAPS family!

It's time to explore the world! This week, you will have an opportunity to perform activities that will take you through many countries.You will discover local foods, learn the nations’ flags, and race through the continents to earn stamps on your passport! Get ready to journey around the globe in 7 days!

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Welcome to Amazing Race




Introduction to our week at camp is provided by TAPS Group Leader and Mentor, Weston Cowden. Weston serves in the Army as a commander at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. His high energy and generous heart has been serving TAPS children for almost four years!

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Share your Adventure


Don’t forget, each time you participate in TAPS Good Grief and Family Camp you earn points for a TAPS prize!!  You can participate in one way or many!

What counts as participation? You will earn a point when you share a photo. You can participate by sharing your family's time participating in one of the many activities within the camp to include: the family challenge, the activity booklet, performing an activity from the video, or by showcasing your family meal lastly. One photo is counted per week for points but we would love to see all the great ways you are enjoying the camp at home!

You will also earn a point when you join us in the Zoom chats on Thursdays!

Submit your photos in any platform you are most comfortable sharing, whether it be our TAPS Instagram, our Facebook, or sending us an emailed copy for us at Youthprograms@taps.org to post for you! 


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Activity Videos

Our group leaders have created some amazing and fun activities for you to do anytime from home!

Balloon Races (all ages)

The Balloon race activity is a simple, yet amazing, activity that will be fun for the entire family. Create a path for the balloon rocket with string and release the inflated balloon along the launch path. As the balloon loses air, the balloon will move along the string. Which balloon travels the fastest and farthest?


Activity Presented by: Celeste Arriaga

Supplies Needed:
balloons, straws, string, tape, scissors

Ballon Races (PDF)

Kintsugi Golden Repair (ages 10 to 18)

Kintsugi is an ancient Japanese art of repairing broken things and finding beauty in those things through that repair. In this activity you can choose to do one of three Kintsugi activities that invite you to consider how Kintsugi is an outward expression of an inner repair that gives us new strength and new beauty. Our history is something to regard rather than something to disguise.


Activity Presented by: Aaron Burciaga

Supplies Needed:

Three activities to choose from: 1) Bowl – porcelain bowl, epoxy glue, gold colored mica dust, disposable bowl, small paint brushes, disposable bowl, newspaper or table covering, sealable, plastic bag, towel, hammer; 2) Picture – printed favorite picture, school glue, cardstock, gold colored pen, scissors or paper cutter; 3) Mug – coffee mug, hot glue, gold colored pen, newspaper or table covering, sealable plastic bag, towel, hammer

Kintsugi Golden Repair (PDF)

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Activity Booklet

We know this summer can get very busy with computer assignments or dance classes, or connecting with relatives who live far away. So we created this booklet filled with fun activities that anyone can do and from anywhere. Maybe outside under the shade of a tree, or in your room during a raining day. We know you will have fun with this activity booklet, from the crossword puzzle to the additional recipes and challenges, it is something the whole family can enjoy!

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Family Challenge

mentors and campers

mentors and camper

Accent Challenge

For the accent challenge, you will write various accents on sheets of paper or flash cards. One person will hold an accent that is selected at random above their head, while the other person will have to try to imitate the accent written. The person holding the paper will have 3 chances to guess what kind of accent is being used.

One point is awarded every time an accent is guessed correctly. Ideas for accents include British accents, Southern accents, Californian accents, New York accents, Bostonian accents, Canadian accents, French accents, German accents, and so on.

If an accent isn’t ideal, try a key phrase for that location, or name a city, capital of that state/country, popular tourist destination, popular dish or someone iconic that represents that area and your partner can guess what city, state or region it is from.

Traditional Meals from Around the World: Showcase your culture from your kitchen, prepare your favorite authentic meal or try a new traditional dish from the activity booklet with your family and share your recipe with us!

Cultural Appreciation: Learn to say thank you in multiple languages! This is a great way to learn about other cultures and to share your gratitude with a friend who may speak another language.

  • Arabic - shukran (shoe-kran)
  • Chinese - xie xie (she-eh she-eh)
  • Croatian - hvala (HVAH-lah)
  • Danish - tak (tahg)
  • Dutch - dank u (dahnk oo)
  • Finnish - kiitos (key-toss)
  • French - merci (MEHR-see)
  • German - danke (dahn-kah)
  • Greek - efharisto (ef-hah-rees-TOH)
  • Hawaiian - mahalo (ma-HA-lo)
  • Indonesian - terima kasih (Tur-EE-mah KAH-see)
  • Italian - grazie (GRAHTS-yeh)
  • Japanese - arigato (ah-ree-GAH-toh)
  • Korean - kamsahamnida (KAM-sah-ham-NEE-da)
  • Norwegian - takk (tahk)
  • Portugese - obrigado (oh-bree-GAH-dooh)
  • Russian - spasiba (spuh-SEE-buh)
  • Spanish - gracias (GRAH-syahs)
  • Tagalog - salamat (sa-LAH-mat)
  • Thai - kop khun (cap-coohn)

Let your creativity travel the globe and fulfill anyone of these challenges by taking and submitting photos and/or videos of your family during your  family challenge. TAPS gear and your Flat mentor are highly encouraged!

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Parents and Guardians

Family Dinner Night!

Family Dinner Night! What a fun way to come together than over a meal we can all share in creating, and eating. We hope you take a pit stop to enjoy these meals and snacks from around the world!

During their travels in Amazing Race, the teams enjoy pit stops to rest, refresh, and eat delicious foods. While on your explorations of the different countries, enjoy making your own pit stop snack! What snacks can you incorporate that have a connection to a country? Some examples could be: pretzels represent Germany, Swedish fish represent Sweden, grapes represent Italy, dried bananas represent Africa, and potato chips represent Ireland. Have fun as you journey around the globe!

Recipe Ideas: Select image below for individual recipes.

Pit Stop Snack
A tackle box makes a great container for travel snacks. Enjoy on a pit stop or on the go!
Check out our activity book for recipe on Churros.


Table Topics:

  • What country would you most like to visit someday and why?
  • Which country has the most interesting animals?
  • What language would be the hardest to learn?

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Zoom Chat

This session will be on Thursday at 7:00 - 7:45 p.m. Eastern time zone. Zoom link will be emailed to those registered for camp.


TAPS Families Connect

Get your thinking caps ready for a fun night of trivia as we explore more on how different countries honor and remember, plus we'll create a very special Chinese lantern!

Supplies needed: two different color papers - white counts OR red and yellow paper for traditional Chinese lantern, scissors, glue or tape, tea light (optional)

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